The Terminal List Season 2: Everything We Know So Far


The Terminal List is a new show that was released on Amazon Prime Video not too long ago, and fans want to know about Season 2. The main question they are asking is whether there’ll be a second season or not of the Chris Pratt series. However, I’ve also seen some people ask whether the show’s cast will be returning for a second season and wondering what might happen in it.

These are all questions we’re going to try and answer for you in this article. However, I must warn you that not all of the answers are out there at the moment. That said,  I will update this article as soon as we get any new information about The Terminal List Season 2.

So,  without any further ado, here is everything we know so far about The Terminal List Season 2 on Amazon Prime Video. It’s renewal status, potential release date, cast and story. We’re going to be talking about it all right here.

Is The Terminal List getting a Season 2?


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First off, let’s go over The Terminal List’s plot synopsis (courtesy of Amazon):

Navy SEAL Commander James Reece turns to vengeance as he investigates the mysterious forces behind the murder of his entire platoon. Free from the military’s command structure, Reece applies the lessons he’s learned from nearly two decades of warfare to hunt down the people responsible.

One of the main reasons why some people aren’t so sure that The Terminal List Season 2 will happen is because the first season’s finale did feel felt pretty final. The finale saw James Reece (played by Chris Pratt) finally managing to tick all the names off his kill list, leaving a wreckage of explosions, bodies and blood in his wake.

However, I think there’s a lot of scope for a second season. They could easily go down the Jack Ryan route (another great Prime Video show) and just tell a new story in season 2 with Pratt’s James Reece leading the show. I think people would be really into that.

We last saw Reece was sailing away looking rather peaceful after disposing of all the people resposible for the death of his family and his troops. So, he got his revenge. But, he still has to deal with that fatal brain tumour which was the catalist for everything that took place in the first season.

Chris Pratt wants to do more seasons

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This might make you think that we won’t get to see any more seasons of The Terminal List, but you’d be wrong. During an interview with Digital Spy, when Pratt was asked about a potential second season, he gave a rather crypitic answer, saying: “Well, Jack Carr’s written five extraordinary books.”

He continued: “He’s quite a prolific author, and they’re all reaching the top of the New York Times’ Best Seller list. I think it’d be fantastic to keep it going.”

Moreover, Executive producer David DiGilio revealed during an interview with that he wants to make more seasons of the show, saying:  “Yes, fingers crossed. We’re really lucky – Jack [Carr] is writing at an incredibly fast pace, a novel per year.”

He added: “It’s a little faster than we can make the shows, so he’s maybe too far out. Just take a little break, I’d say. But we’re really lucky, and I’d encourage anybody who loved season one, to go check out True Believer. It’s an incredible read and it’s a great blueprint for season two.”

I’m pretty confident that Amazon will reveal that they have a second season of The Terminal List in the works.

When could The Terminal List Season 2 be released on Prime Video?


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So, with all of this in mind, I’m sure that many of you would love to know when a second season could be released. Well, that’s all up to when the show officially gets the greenlight.

Chris Pratt’s schedule is always very busy. He’s filming Guardians Of The Gaalxy Vol. 3 and it’s been revealed that he’s also going to be working on a The Tomorrow War sequel, which was the Amazon Prime Video movie he starred in.

However, these shows tend to take about 18 months from start to finish. So, I think that the series sould be released on Prime Video towards the beginning of 2024. It could be released at the earliest towards the end of 2023. Please, bear in mind that this is all just pure speculation. We don’t have any insider information as far as this show’s concerned.

What could happen in it?


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So, what could happen in a second season? Well, there’s a lot of source matrial to draw inspiration from. Jack Carr’s already written five books, and he’s writing more. So, there’s no problem as far a ideas for potential new seasons are concerned.

It would be very interesting to see where they end up going with James Reece in a second season. I’m not going to guess which book they adapt for a potential second season. I have a feeling that might end up meshing together a few of the books into one season.

Who might be starring in Season 2?


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The show stars the likes of Chris Pratt, Taylor Kitsch, Constance Wu, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Riley Keough, Arlo Mertz and LaMonica Garrett. The most obvious contender to return in a second season would be Chris Pratt, as he is the show’s main star.

So, we’d expect to see Chris Pratt return as Ex-Navy SEAL James Reece. That said, even though Pratt did admit that he would love to make a second season of the show, it would all depend on where it ends up being shot.

“There are certain aspects that may be complicated. If you follow the series of books, the second book takes place on location,” he told Collider in an interview. “For me, I have a little bit of a rule with my own family at home, where I have to limit the amount of location work that I do.

He added: “I was able to squeeze this in between two location jobs because it shot in L.A. If we continue the series, and it becomes location work, I have to justify whether or not I’m gonna be giving up a movie to do a season of this show, which I very well could. Time will tell. I would love to. I think it would be fantastic. I love the character.”

Another actor that could return for a second season is Constance Wu. She played journalist Katie Buranek, and she was terrific in the first season. So, hopefully, she’ll make a return for Season 2.

The other big name in the first season’s cast was Taylor Kitsch. His return for a second season would be a bit of a reach as he was supposedly killed in the first season. That said, his character, Ben, was killed by Reece off-screen, and you know what they say about off-screen deaths… Never trust them.

Other actors who could return for The Terminal List Season 2 would be JD Pardo, who played FBI agent Tony Liddle, and Christina Vidal who portrayed Liddle’s partner, Mac Wilson.

What do you make of this feature? Are you looking forward to watching a second season of The Terminal List on Amazon Prime Video? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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