Can Streaming Help The Full Monty & Other Movies Recover Past Glories?


The Full Monty movie was released in 1997 and is now regarded as one of the iconic British films of the 20th century. Mixing slapstick comedy and deep emotional issues with a daring approach, it led to a Broadway musical of the same name and has entered popular culture in many ways.

Could the 2023 TV series help it to hit the heights again?

The Full Details of the Show

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This new version of The Full Monty has been released on Disney Plus and Hulu. Described as a follow-up series, it includes familiar characters such as Gaz, played by Robert Carlyle, and Dave, who is played by Mark Addy. The first season has eight episodes, with the first called Levelling Up, and just like the movie it’s written by Simon Baufoy.

Set 25 years after the original, it features the original gang still living in Sheffield. Gaz lives in a caravan and is now working as a hospital porter, while Miles Jupp who plays a new character as the middle-class character Darren who is coming to terms with being unemployed.

This review by The Guardian suggests that the lack of some central features from the movie causes it to lose focus. The series covers a lot of different areas and attempts to show how the friends can make a difference by sticking together. But the review states that the melancholy feel from the movie is now more firmly entrenched in their lives, removing the feel-good factor that sparked the original to such great success.

The Role of Streaming in Updating Old Favourites


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The early signs point to The Full Monty series being a potential disappointment for fans of the movies who are looking for a fresh new look at the characters. However, the popularity of streaming services means that we can expect to see more classics getting a new look for the modern audience.

We’ve already seen how franchises like Star Wars, The Walking Dead, and Star Trek grow in different directions thanks to the flexibility offered by streaming. In addition, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan series on Prime Video is part of the Ryanverse that began with The Hunt for Red October, which was released as a book in 1984 and as a movie in 1990.

Apart from movies and TV series, streaming has also helped other forms of entertainment reach an audience in a new way. For example, the UK BonusFinder site gives details of casinos such as PokerStars and Grosvenor. Each of them has a welcome offer to attract newcomers, while the presence of live-streamed games catches the eye. These are often traditional table or card games where a human dealer presents the action live.

We can also see how streaming technology has helped to update the theatre industry, with platforms including BroadwayHD, Dramox, and Digital Theatre. These sites give theatre fans the chance to watch top shows like Cats and The Importance of Being Earnest online at any time.

The Full Monty TV series might not prove to be as big a hit as the movie, but the idea of bringing old favourites back to life through streaming is here to stay and should produce many interesting types of entertainment in the near future.

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