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The Frighteners Remake In The Works


In a blend of nostalgia and contemporary filmmaking, Universal Pictures is reportedly breathing new life into a cherished classic, The Frighteners, originally graced by Michael J. Fox and directed by the illustrious Peter Jackson (via Giant Freakin Robot). The 1996 film, which managed to carve out a unique space in the realm of comedy horror, is poised to return, potentially introducing a new generation to its peculiar charm and supernatural thrills.

The original The Frighteners, while not a box office sensation, has lingered in the minds of fans and critics alike, often hailed for its innovative early digital special effects and compelling narrative. The news of its remake, therefore, stirs a pot of excitement and trepidation amongst its admirers and the industry alike.

A Glimpse into the Original


Credit: Universal Pictures

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The Plot that Captivated Audiences

The Frighteners introduced us to Frank Bannister (Michael J. Fox), a man who, after a traumatic incident, gains the ability to communicate with ghosts. Utilising his spectral connections, he embarks on a semi-fraudulent career as a paranormal investigator, exploiting his ghostly acquaintances to haunt those willing to pay for his ‘exorcism’ services. However, a genuine supernatural threat emerges, forcing Frank to utilise his abilities sincerely to solve a series of eerie murders.

The Cast and Crew Behind the Magic

The film was not only notable for its intriguing plot but also for the ensemble that brought it to life. With a cast featuring Dee Wallace, John Astin, Jake Busey, Jeffrey Combs, R. Lee Emery, and a cameo from Melanie Lynskey, alongside Fox’s compelling performance, The Frighteners was a meld of talent that enriched the storytelling.

The Path to Remake


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Why Remake The Frighteners?

The decision to remake The Frighteners might perplex some, given its original financial performance. However, considering the low relative cost and potentially high returns of horror films, as exemplified by various recent projects like M3GAN and Knock at the Cabin, the decision aligns with a proven industry formula. Moreover, advancements in digital effects could mean that a 21st-century rendition might be less financially taxing than its 1996 predecessor.

Staying True to the Original

Sources indicate that the remake will adhere relatively faithfully to the original premise, maintaining the core narrative of a psychic investigator navigating through a series of supernatural murders. The challenge, therefore, lies in preserving the original’s charm while infusing new elements that resonate with contemporary audiences.

What to Expect from the Remake


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A Modern Take on a Classic Tale

While details remain scant, the expectation is that the The Frighteners remake will navigate the delicate balance of honouring the original while providing fresh, modern takes on the story. This could involve updates in visual effects, a possible reimagining of certain plot elements, and potentially new characters that align with current societal contexts.

Potential Cast and Crew

As of now, specific details regarding the cast and crew for the remake are under wraps. The original film, being a product of Peter Jackson’s direction, sets a high bar in terms of visual and narrative storytelling. Thus, it will be intriguing to see who takes the helm for the remake and which actors will step into the iconic roles.

Final Thoughts on this remake of The Frighteners


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The announcement of a remake of The Frighteners undoubtedly sends ripples of excitement through the fanbase of the original and introduces a new audience to this unique narrative. With the original film’s innovative use of early digital special effects and a plot that seamlessly blended horror and comedy, the remake has substantial shoes to fill in honouring its predecessor while carving out its own identity.

As we await further details on cast, crew, and potential release dates, the anticipation builds for how Universal Pictures will reimagine this beloved classic for a new era. Whether it will lean more heavily into horror or comedy, and how it will navigate the advancements in digital effects since the original, remains to be seen. One thing is for certain: The Frighteners remake is a project to keep a spectral eye on.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to watching this remake of The Frighteners? Is this something that we need?

You can’t stream The Frighteners on any of the major streaming platforms right now. You can purchase or rent the movie on Prime Video, Apple TV Plus and Google Movies.