The Flash’s Showrunner Reveals His Plan For Season 7

The Flash’s showrunner, Eric Wallace has revealed his new plan for Season 7 as he wants to change what he calls its “graphic novel” format.

The Flash Season 7 has been in some sort of limbo due to the whole Coronavirus pandemic.

However, The Flash’s showrunner hasn’t forgotten about it, and he recently revealed that he has big plans for Season 7.

The showrunner, Eric Wallace, recently spoke to TV Line about the upcoming season, which will include some of the scenes originally shot for Season 6.

He revealed how he’s looking to change what he referred to as the “graphic novel” format of the show.

What does that mean, you ask? Well, it has to do with the way there’s a big reveal in each season.

He wants to find a way to delay those reveals and address the show’s “narrative unpredictability” after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Flash Season 7’s storytelling will be a bit different

Grant Gustin wants to keep on playing The Flash

Grant Gustin wants to keep on playing The Flash – Credit: The CW

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Here’s what Eric Wallace told TV Line about his plans for Season 7:

Because this is The Flash, there’s a huge twist at the end of every season, and that twist is now kind of coming in the middle of the [start of the] season. And that has really affected our storytelling for all of Season 7. Amid the horror and the tragedy of what’s happening with this pandemic, if we can find some kind of lemonade in the lemon, it’s us having to rethink a few things about how a Flash season looks, given this ‘narrative unpredictability’ to the season.

Wallace then went on to add:

There are going to be more Graphic Novels next year, but they’re not going to be broken up in the way I think folks expect.

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