The CW Is Delaying All Its Original Shows Until 2021

It’s been revealed that The CW is delaying all its original shows until 2021, which means we won’t see any new seasons on the network this year.

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought everything to a halt, including many of our favourite TV shows.

They can’t really film episodes of these shows from home, so it means that everything’s been put on hold.

This now includes The CW’s Arrowverse shows which have been forced to wrap up their current seasons earlier than they had planned to.

It was rumoured that this would also affect the upcoming seasons of The CW’s shows, and it’s turned out to be true.

It’s been revealed by The CW that almost all its original shows have been delayed until 2021.

This means that we’re going to have a to wait at least three extra months to watch the new seasons of our favourite TV shows on the network.

The CW has put all its original shows on hold until 2021

Batwoman and Supergirl in Crisis On Infinite Earths

Batwoman and Supergirl in Crisis On Infinite Earths (Credit: The CW)

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So, we won’t see The Flash Season 7, Batwoman Season 2, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 and Supergirl Season Season 6 until 2021.

Hopefully, they’ll be able to start production on these shows again in October.

However, it’s still not certain when things will really be able to go back to normal.

Over here in the UK, it’s been announced that we’re out of strict lockdown (sort of).

Yet, this doesn’t mean that studios are going to be able to go back to filming stuff for a while.

We’re going to have to keep an eye on this and wait and see what happens.

What do you make of this news?

Are you sad to hear that they’ll be no new season of The CW’s original shows in 2020?

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