The Biggest Mistakes Brands Make Using Social Media


Have you noticed that recently there have been more and more brands making their way to the world of social media? Are you looking to start marketing your brand on social media but are sure about what mistakes you should be avoiding?

Social media is a powerful tool that everyone can use to get their message out. However, many brands make mistakes when using social media without even realizing it. Although social media may seem like a particularly easy thing to navigate when it comes to marketing a brand and actively seeking growth, there is a lot more involved and a lot more that has to go in to the marketing.

These mistakes are often made because there isn’t really a guide to using Instagram and consumer habits tend to change frequently. Instagram users are always running after followers and likes. Many users buy likes on Instagram reels to get more exposure to their content. It can also be tricky to navigate because social media marketing is relatively new. If you are new to social media marketing, continue reading to find out more about the most common mistakes businesses and individuals make with social media as well as how you can avoid them.

Not knowing what each social media platform is good for


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As mentioned earlier, each platform is suited to a different audience, this is because each platform allows users to post different kinds of content to reach that specific audience. Sometimes brand tend to make use of platforms just because of their popularity and not because it is the platform where they will find their specific target audience.

When using TikTok, you are targeting a much younger generation who are mostly in their teens. They enjoy funny and relatable content as well as trending content. Twitter is more for the millennials and the older generations that find themselves on social media, and businesses, since there are many growth tools that are used frequently, like Twesocial. This is because it is one of the oldest and longest-standing platforms and people have become used to it. Instagram is an everything platform where you will find people of all ages enjoying all sorts of content, and also has tools to help business, one of them being TaskAnt, for those who don’t have time or struggling with creating hashtags.

Not understanding the audience

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A big mistake that brands often tend to make is not understanding their audience and who they are posting to. Every social media platform has a different demographic and targets a different group of people. This means that before you even choose a social media platform to post on, you should know exactly who your audience is and who you want to be targeting. Posting the wrong content to the wrong people may result in a lack of growth in both you’re your social media and your brand and will be pointless to both audience and business.

It is also important to remember that social media is first and foremost a social platform where people communicate with each other and there is no point in targeting a specific audience if you are only going to have a one way line of communication and not actually engage with the audience.

Hard selling your social media accounts

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Marketing on social media is not at all like traditional marketing and brands shouldn’t take the same approach when it comes to social media marketing. As said earlier, social media is a place where people like to be entertained and be social, this means that hard selling isn’t an option for businesses. While, yes, it is okay to post the odd post here or there showing off your new products, try to keep more to the social side of things and be an account that your target audience will find interesting. You can post content that is related to your business, show the behind the scenes of the making of your products, let people meet the team behind the business, or even just share videos and pictures that suit the tone and style of your brand.

Posting without strategy

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Just like any other kind of marketing, marketing on social media should come without a strategy. In fact, is should have an even more detailed one than that of traditional marketing. It is so important to know what kind of content will create engagement among your audience, but on top of that you need to know what time is the best to be posting in order to reach your specific audience, and how many times a day you should be posting in order to get the most engagement from your audience.

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