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The Best Sci-Fi Series That Lied To Fans From The Very Beginning


Battlestar Galactica, despite being hailed as one of the finest sci-fi series to grace our screens, started off with a fib that shaped the entire show’s narrative.

The series, known for its intricate plot and complex characters, made a bold claim from its outset, setting the stage for a tale that would keep fans guessing and theorizing long after its conclusion.

The Great Galactic Deception


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Battlestar Galactica captivated viewers with its opening mantra, “And They Have A Plan,” referring to the sinister Cylons, which implied a mastermind strategy was in play throughout the series.

This phrase became emblematic of the show’s allure, suggesting a depth and direction to the Cylon’s actions that kept audiences on the edge of their seats, only for it to be revealed later by showrunner Ronald D. Moore that, in truth, there was no plan at all.

The Plot That Never Was

The revelation that the Cylons’ supposed grand scheme was nothing more than a catchy line devised for its cool factor rather than narrative significance left many fans bewildered and somewhat betrayed.

This admission by Moore at the 2017 Battlestar Galactica reunion panel unveiled a narrative improvisation that, while initially driving the show’s suspense and complexity, ultimately led to a disconcerting unravelling of the expected story arc.

The Fallout of Fictional Fibs


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The fallout from this narrative improvisation is a mixed bag; while it spurred the show’s mystique and fan theories, it also led to a disappointing conclusion for those invested in the intricacy of the supposed Cylon plan.

The show’s journey, rich with political intrigue, moral ambiguity, and human-Cylon relations, ended with a finale that left viewers grappling with a series that promised more than it delivered.

Retrospective Regrets and Revelations

In hindsight, Moore’s strategy to “figure out later” the cornerstone of the Cylon narrative exemplifies a gamble in storytelling that didn’t quite pay off, leaving fans and critics alike to reassess the legacy of Battlestar Galactica.

Despite this, the series remains a monumental piece in sci-fi television, its narrative gamble notwithstanding, illustrating the complexities and risks of serial storytelling.

Final Thoughts on this epic sci-fi series


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Battlestar Galactica remains a paradigm of sci-fi excellence, its narrative shortcomings notwithstanding, embodying the essence of speculative fiction that dares to explore the unknown, even at the risk of its own coherence.

This revelation about the lack of a Cylon plan doesn’t detract from the series’ impact but serves as a cautionary tale about the promises and pitfalls of narrative forethought in the complex tapestry of serialized storytelling.

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