The Batman’s Robert Pattinson Apologises To Fans For Claiming Batman’s Not A Superhero

The Batman’s Robert Pattinson has felt the need to come out and apologise for his comments claiming that Batman is not an actual superhero.

This is so dumb in my view because I thought and still think that Pattinson was right: Batman is not a superhero and it’s evident for everyone to see.

The Batman has no superpowers like Superman and The Flash, but that’s what makes him so interesting as far as I’m concerned.

Yet, there was a pretty big fan backlash against the British actor who’s about to play the iconic DC Comics character.

So, he was chatting to Time Out about his upcoming movie, and that was when they got onto the subject of Batman not being a superhero and the fan backlash to his comments.

I wasn’t educated about the subject.

People got very angry about it. It’s bizarre.

I still can’t understand the argument. OK, he’s a superhero, I’m sorry!

The next headline, ‘Pattinson retracts – Batman is, in fact, a superhero. He takes it back.’

Did Robert Pattinson really need to say sorry for his Batman comments?

Robert Pattinson will be playing Batman in The Batman

Robert Pattinson will be playing Batman in The Batman – Credit: Paramount Picture

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Robert Pattinson went on to reveal that the only thing he’s actually worried about is whether people will like The Batman or not once it’s out there.

I’m only worried about if people like it when it’s done. Right now, people can think what they want.

He went on to say that playing the Batman is “the coolest thing ever”, which is really cute.

He seems to have also been working hard on making sure he’s read as many Batman comics as possible and has been working on his Dark Knight voice.

Pattinson revealed in a previous interview that his Batman voice might be a bit “piratey”, which will be different.

Are you looking forward to seeing Robert Pattinson play the Dark Knight in The Batman?

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