The Terrifying Horror Movie That You Need To Watch On Netflix


In an era where horror films are constantly competing to outdo each other with gore and jump scares, it’s refreshing to find a movie that stands out by returning to the genre’s roots. The Wretched, now available for streaming on Netflix, does just that. This spine-chilling tale seamlessly blends classic witch folklore with contemporary storytelling, captivating viewers from the outset.

The Wretched invites you on a sinister journey where the looming darkness isn’t confined to the woods but is closer to home, lurking in the most unexpected places. Brace yourself for a suspense-filled cinematic experience that revives the true essence of horror storytelling.

A Unique Horror Offering on Netflix


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The Wretched is an independent horror film that sets itself apart in a market saturated with similar offerings. Set in a seemingly peaceful town, the movie unravels a terrifying story that promises to give even the most seasoned horror fan goosebumps.

An Eerie Tale of Witchcraft and Deception

The narrative introduces us to Ben, a teenager who relocates to live with his father over the summer. As he grapples with the challenges of adjusting to new surroundings and a family in the midst of separation, Ben soon finds himself ensnared in a series of horrifying events that threaten to engulf him and those he cherishes.

Helmed by the directorial duo Brett and Drew T. Pierce, The Wretched delves deep into a malevolent world where an ancient witch, having roused from her long slumber, is on the prowl. But her malevolence isn’t restricted to the woods. She infiltrates homes, slowly taking possession of the inhabitants and erasing their loved ones from their memories, effectively obliterating their very existence.

The Darkness Next Door


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Ben soon realises that something is amiss. Delving deeper, he uncovers a terrifying truth: a malevolent force, taking refuge in the skin of his next-door neighbour, is wreaking havoc, ensnaring families in the neighbourhood. With adults ensnared in the witch’s treacherous snare, the onus falls on Ben to confront these dark forces.

With the assistance of his newfound ally, Mallory, Ben embarks on a hazardous quest, navigating a series of spine-chilling confrontations and pulse-pounding moments that promise to keep viewers riveted. The narrative masterfully escalates tension, leaving audiences desperately seeking a semblance of safety as they watch Ben’s descent into a realm of shadows and terror.

A Haunting Reflection of Everyday Vulnerability

In The Wretched, the horror permeates the familiar settings of daily life, offering a disturbing reflection of the inherent vulnerability of the mundane. The omnipresent threat of the witch seeps into the crevices of daily routines, transforming familial affection into a curse and turning neighbours into potential adversaries.

The film excels in crafting a haunting ambience, achieved through a meticulous amalgamation of sound design and visual imagery, ensuring that viewers remain engrossed in a state of trepidation. As the plot unfolds, audiences are introduced to a rich tapestry of ancient witchcraft and folklore, amplifying the movie’s dark and ominous tone.

Final Thoughts on this Terrifying Netflix horror movie, The Wretched


Credit: MGM Studios

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The Wretched stakes its claim in the darker recesses of the horror genre, epitomising a type of fear that infiltrates the everyday and the familiar. This isn’t a film that merely seeks to startle; it cultivates a deep-seated sense of dread that persists long after the credits roll. Directors Brett and Drew T. Pierce showcase a profound understanding of horror dynamics, crafting scenes that are both visually and psychologically jarring.

The witch, a manifestation of age-old fears and primeval horrors, is depicted with a chilling malevolence that challenges the sanctity of home and family. Every encounter with this being is a hair-raising experience, a confrontation with pure evil. In essence, The Wretched offers a thrilling, profoundly unsettling foray into the abyss of horror, underpinned by a compelling storyline, stellar performances, and a nemesis that embodies the primal fears lurking within us all.

What do you make of this news? Have you watched The Wretched on Netflix? Are there any other terrifying horror movies on Netflix that you think we should check out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

The Wretched is available to stream on Netflix right now.

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