SWAT Gets Uncancelled Likely Due To Fan Demand

SWAT Gets Uncancelled Likely Due to Fan Demands

Great news arrived for production cast and crew as well as fans of CBSSWAT series as it has been officially uncancelled after its recent announcement. Actor Shemar Moore who plays lead character Daniel Harrelson took to social media to express his take on the initial decision. Days later, after extensive reconsideration and perhaps fan influence, the network changed their minds.

SWAT. which stands for Special Weapons and Tactics unit tells about Sergeant Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson’s journey and challenges while serving at the Los Angeles Police Department. The series has an average of 21 episodes per season. Currently running its 6th season airing every Friday on CBS.

The latest season is approaching its last episodes to finally air this May 19th. The penultimate episode arrives on the 12th.

News broke out last week that the network is cancelling the show after the 6th season. Now, perhaps due to “insistent public demand” or perhaps lead actor Moore’s emotional reaction towards the decision, the network took back its initial decision and resolved to order another season.

SWAT on CBS was Cancelled then Uncancelled

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Deadline first reported the decision last week and updated the status a few hours ago. CBS practically resurrected the series for another season. Amy Reisenbach, President of CBS Entertainment and Katherine Pope, President of Sony Pictures Television Studios said on their joint statement:

We have listened to our viewers and their outpouring of passion for S.W.A.T. and we have reached an agreement to renew it for a final season of 13 episodes to air during the 2023-2024 broadcast year.

Somehow acknowledging the force behind the reversal of the decision, they continued:

S.W.A.T. has aired for six seasons on CBS and garnered a devoted following. We are pleased that we found a way to bring it back and give closure to the show’s storylines and characters, which audiences deserve.

Indeed, we are thankful that they gave the series a chance to achieve full story arc closure. Unlike some series in the past that would end on a cliffhanger only to learn that no longer will the story continue. As viewers, it would be so frustrating investing years of watching the series only to be left hanging. Finally, they said:

Once again, we appreciate the talents and efforts of the cast, writers, producers and crew and everyone who has contributed to the success of S.W.A.T. We look forward to its return next season.

SWAT Being Uncancelled Could be Attributed to Fans Efforts

SWAT Gets Uncancelled Likely Due to Fan Demands

Credit: CBS

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Last Friday, lead star Moore stated on his Instagram (via Deadline):

Its all about money, y’all. They said we’re canceled, but guess what I don’t think we’re done. CBS is either gonna wake up and realize they made a mistake. Sony is gonna do their math and realize that this is not the right move.

I hope we can have a kumbaya and come back together and continue this show because it’s a good time for families across the world.

For fans and followers of the series, this is both great news and sad news. It’s great that they are renewed for another season but sad that it will be the last. Furthermore the finale season is currently slated for only 13 episodes.

Still, there is the ray of hope that the story will at least get full closure and that Hondo will have his personal journey come to full fruition. If only this was what happened to our other favorite series. Then again, they probably know what they are doing.

SWAT Gets Uncancelled Likely Due to Fan Demands

Credit: CBS

SWAT is fortunate to be uncancelled within the same network even though it will be for a final season with reduced number of episodes. Many uncancelled shows find continuity only when another network or service picks it up much like Community, Lucifer and Manifest. 

Some projects are still even in limbo despite strong fan support. We are still hurting for what has happened to Firefly, Santa Clarita Diet and of course the movie franchise with the loudest fans, DC’s Snyderverse complete with the hashtags. Many have and are still falling on deaf ears and perhaps it all boils down to what Moore has said what it’s all about. Money.

We are happy that SWAT gets its final run and look forward to seeing Hondo’s return.

What do you think of SWAT getting cancelled then uncancelled in a matter of days? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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