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Steamboat Willie Horror Movie In The Works


In a surprising twist to a classic character, Steamboat Willie, the iconic 1928 version of Mickey Mouse, is set to star in a horror film. This announcement (via Variety) comes as the character recently entered the public domain, allowing indie horror producers to explore this beloved figure in an entirely new light. The film, which is to be directed by Steven LaMorte, promises to offer a unique and possibly unsettling take on the character that has brought joy to generations.

The project, currently untitled, is set to revolve around a sadistic mouse tormenting unsuspecting ferry passengers. This new interpretation of Steamboat Willie is expected to blend horror and comedy, showcasing a darker side of the character that audiences have never seen before.

A New Take on a Classic Character


Credit: Sleight of Hand Productions

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The Concept Behind the Horror Film

The film’s director, Steven LaMorte, expressed his excitement about the project, stating that beneath Steamboat Willie‘s cheerful exterior lies the potential for “pure, unhinged terror.” This approach aims to reimagine the character in a way that honours the original while presenting it in a completely new context.

LaMorte said the producers are working with a legal team to make sure they stay well within the law. Here’s what he had to say on the matter:

We are doing our due diligence to make sure there’s no question or confusion of what we’re up to. This is our version of a public domain character. It’s a scary thrill ride with heart and humour, based on this character that everybody knows.

Legal Aspects and Creative Freedom

With Steamboat Willie entering the public domain, filmmakers like LaMorte are now able to use the character without infringing on Disney’s copyrights. However, the film will not refer to the character as “Mickey Mouse” but will instead use the name Steamboat Willie to avoid any legal complications.

The Team Behind the Film


Credit: Sleight of Hand Productions

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Director Steven LaMorte’s Vision

Steven LaMorte, known for directing The Mean One, a horror parody of the Grinch, brings his unique vision to this project. He emphasizes that the intention is not to ruin the character but to show it in a new light, blending love for the character with a desire to explore it creatively.

Production and Release Plans

Production for the Steamboat Willie horror film is set to begin in the spring. The team behind the film includes producers who have worked on successful indie horror projects, indicating a promising future for this unconventional take on the character.

Final Thoughts on this Steamboat Willie horror movie


Credit: Disney

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The development of a horror film adaptation of Steamboat Willie is not just a novel venture in the realm of cinema; it represents a significant shift in how classic characters can be reinterpreted and reimagined. This project, by venturing into the horror genre, demonstrates the dynamic and evolving nature of storytelling, where even the most beloved and iconic figures can be seen through a completely different lens. The decision to transform the cheerful and iconic Mickey Mouse into a figure of horror is a bold move that challenges the boundaries of genre and character portrayal.

This adaptation also highlights the broader implications of characters entering the public domain. It opens up a world of possibilities for independent filmmakers to explore and reinterpret these characters in ways that were previously not possible. This not only diversifies the types of stories that can be told but also encourages creative freedom and innovation in the film industry.

Moreover, the Steamboat Willie horror movie is a reflection of the changing landscape of intellectual property and copyright law. It underscores the importance of balancing respect for original creations with the freedom to explore new creative directions. As such, this film could set a precedent for how public domain characters are utilised in the future, potentially leading to a new wave of imaginative and unconventional adaptations.

In conclusion, the Steamboat Willie horror film is more than just an intriguing project; it is a symbol of the endless possibilities in storytelling. It challenges conventional norms and opens up new avenues for creative expression. As audiences await this unique reinterpretation of a beloved character, the film stands as a testament to the ever-evolving nature of cinema and the enduring impact of classic characters in the public imagination.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to watching this Steamboat Willie horror movie when it’s finally released?

There’s still no official release date for this upcoming horror movie from LaMorte.