Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Movie Trilogy Is Being Considered By Lucasfilm

It looks like Lucasfilm are planning a new trilogy which will be based on the video game Star Wars: The Old Republic and this will get a lot of fans of the game very excited indeed.

The Star Wars movie universe will not stop expanding. This year we will be getting the final film in the most recent trilogy, we’ve already had two spinoff films – although Lucasfilm is ramping down on those – and we know we have another trilogy in the works.

Game of Thrones’ David Benioff and B.D. Weiss are working on a new Star Wars trilogy, as is Rian Johnson, yet it’s not so certain whether Johnson’s trilogy will still happen. I really hope it does.

It’s now been reported via Buzzfeed that Katheleen Kennedy and Lucasfilm is looking into developing the much-loved Star Wars video game, Star Wars: The Old Republic, into yet another trilogy.

That means that Disney and Lucasfilm are planning a trilogy of trilogies. As a Star Wars fan, I love the idea of this, but even to me, it does sound like a lot.

There’s no question that these Star Wars films have been incredibly lucrative for Disney and Lucasfilm and it’s understandable why they would want to milk this franchise as much as they can. That said, there’s a definite danger of overloading moviegoers with these films.

star wars the knights of the old republic 2

Lucasfilm might be making a The Knights of the Old Republic trilogy

Buzzfeed reported that the script is currently being written by Laeta Kalogridis who helped write films like Avatar, Shutter Island and most recently, Atila: Battle Angel.

Kennedy had previously been asked about whether there were any plans to bring Knights of the Old Republic, she replied: “You know, we talk about that all the time. Yes, we are developing something to look at. Right now I have no idea where things might fall…”

Now, I’m going to come clean. I’ve never actually played the video game, but I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. I do know that the game is set roughly about 4000 years before the beginnings of the Galactic Empire.

There have also been a load of comic books and books written during the time period and there’s a lot of material to pull from, so I’m sure it’ll make a brilliant trilogy.

We do know that after Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker the next Star Wars films will come out in 2022, 2024, and 2027, so it means that we might have to wait until 2030 for The Knights Of The Old Republic trilogy.

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker is set to hit UK cinemas on December 19th, 2019.

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