Spider-Man 3’s Social Media Marketing Campaign Is Teasing The Hobgoblin

hobgoblin spider man 3

Spider-Man 3’s social media marketing campaign has seemingly teased that The Hobgoblin could be the film’s main villain. This was revealed in a recent Instagram Story posted on Flash Thompson’s (Tony Revolori) “real” account.

This account has posted some rather interesting information about upcoming Spider-Man films over the years. They posted some information from Spider-Man: Far From Home quite a bit and provided Marvel Easter eggs that only made sense after the film was released.

Well, the account has now held a rather interesting survey in which they seemed to tease the arrival of the Hobgoblin in the movie. In the survey, Ned (Jacob Batalon) can be seen with an orange triangle behind his head. This is a drawing that could be hinting towards Ned becoming the Hobgoblin in the movie, which would be pretty interesting if you ask me.

Is Spider-Man 3’s social media marketing campaign teasing Hobgoblin?

Hobgoblin Easter Egg?

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However, it could also be something of a red herring since the account has teased things in the past that didn’t actually happen in the movies. Yet, there’s been so much speculation surrounding Batalon’s character becoming the iconic Spider-Man villain in the third movie. They’ve only been bolstered by the actor’s all new look.

“I feel like I’ve spent the entire year, just like everyone else, not really working, per se, and I would love to just work on something, just in general,” Batalon told ComicBook.com about his excitement to shoot Spider-Man 3. “I mean, I miss everyone from our squad, I miss the producers, our director, obviously. I miss our castmates. Really, I just miss everyone. I really just wanna work and be productive and see my friends again. I’m definitely really anxious to work again.”

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to seeing Spider-Man 3 and do you think that the Hobgoblin will be in the movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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