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Will There Be A Six Nations: Full Contact Season 2 On Netflix?


What is going on with Six Nations: Full Contact Season 2 on Netflix…? Is it even happening? One of the most awesome things about TV is the range of shows that viewers can choose from. This includes shows set across various themes and formats – from true crime hits to fictional psychological dramas. One type of TV show popular with many fans worldwide is sports documentaries. This is not surprising when you consider the global popularity of sports and the number of people who like to get involved.

Six Nations: Full Contact is a Netflix show in this genre, first aired on 24 January 2024. It has already proved popular with sports-obsessed viewers. But what is it all about, and will a second series be made?

What is Six Nations: Full Contact?


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The show is a behind-the-scenes documentary that covers the 2023 Guinness Six Nations tournament and all the teams competing in it. It has picked up plenty of positive attention for its exclusive interviews, game footage and in-depth analysis of tactics. The show was also notable for the type of content it brought to online streaming audiences, with the Six Nations documentary showing Netflix’s commitment to sports content.

It was also praised for the focus it put on the personal stories of players and coaches involved in the 2023 Guinness Six Nations event. Many people liked the fresh approach it brought to reporting on this tournament, which standard coverage did not deliver.

Is Six Nations: Full Contact Season 2 being made?


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There has not yet been an official announcement from Netflix as to whether a second series of the show will go ahead. Due to this, it seems that any decision could rely on audience numbers and how well Netflix executives think the first series has performed. If they are impressed by the numbers, we could well see another series commissioned. The shock cancellation of Ratched, though, shows that the company is not afraid to make tough calls on the future of shows when needed.

Of course, Netflix execs may already have instructed filming to go ahead at the 2024 Guinness Six Nations to ensure they are fully prepared to roll out a second series before 2025’s edition – if required.

Why is Six Nations: Full Contact worth watching?


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The most obvious reason to watch the first series of this Netflix show is if you are a rugby fan and enjoy getting closer to the sport. The behind-the-scenes nature of the footage takes you into the heart of the action and means you get to find out what really happens in some of the world’s top international sides. Rugby fans will also enjoy the expert technical analysis the show features, and how this helps them deepen their own understanding of the game.

It is not just rugby fans who can enjoy checking this series out, though. As noted above, the focus on player stories and the human element behind the competition is interesting enough for everyone to get into. This means it is a great show to catch – even if rugby is not usually your thing! 

What other sports documentaries are a must-see on Netflix?


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Keen viewers will know that this is not the first high-profile sports documentary to be launched on the popular streaming service. There have been some pretty amazing series before this, and they are worth seeking out if you fancy a change from the best sci-fi thrillers on Netflix or the scariest horrors that the streaming giant has to offer.

Formula 1: Drive to Survive is a good example and was a major hit with audiences. As you might expect, this takes viewers inside the glamorous world of Formula One racing and allows them to get a deeper insight into the teams, drivers and personalities behind it. It has been running for multiple seasons now due to its success, and this should give Six Nations: Full Contact hope of doing the same.

WWE: Beyond the Ring is another sports doc on Netflix worth checking out and is full of all the drama you expect in pro wrestling. This is a series that traces the iconic history of the WWE organization and includes interviews with major names such as The Rock. It also contains clips and scenes from some of the most unforgettable moments in the organization’s history. Part of a huge deal between WWE and Netflix, this show again highlights the online streaming giant’s focus on sports content.

Six Nations: Full Contact second series up in the air


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There is no way of saying for sure whether a second series of Six Nations: Full Contact on Netflix will be made. With no official word yet from the online streaming behemoth on the subject, all viewers can do is enjoy the first series and hope that a second one arrives in time for the next Six Nations tournament.

What do you make of this feature? Would you like to watch a second season of Six Nations: Full Contact on Netflix? We’d love to hear from you.

You can stream Six Nations: Full Contact on Netflix right now.