Could Seth Rogen Be Playing The Penguin In The Batman?

There’s been a lot of news coming from Matt Reeves’ The Batman movie. We recently learnt that Zoe Kravitz will be playing Catwoman in the movie alongside Robert Pattinson a Batman, and now we’re hearing that Warner Bros. Pictures was looking at Seth Rogen for the role of The Penguin in the movie.

This news comes after it was revealed that Jonah Hill has dropped out of the race to be cast as The Penguin in The Batman, which is a bit of a surprise since he was the odds on favourite to be cast in the role.

It was revealed that talks between Hill and Warner Bros. may have broken down due to how much – or little – they were willing to pay him for the movie.

I could imagine Hill would come at quite a price since he is a pretty well-known name, and they’ve been casting the likes of Pattison, Kravtiz and Jeffrey Wright, who been cast as Commissioner Gordon, which I think is a great bit of casting.

Would Seth Rogen really be right for The Penguin?

Should Seth Rogen really play The Penguin in The Batman?

Should Seth Rogen really play The Penguin in The Batman? – Credit: DC Comics

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This news was broken by Deadline, who also revealed that Warner Bros. was looking at Seth Rogen to play the role of The Penguin in the movie.

Making sure they have the right actor for the role is of paramount importance, and honestly, I don’t think that Hill nor Rogen would make good Penguins.

They’re too on the nose and I’d like to see a lesser-known actor really get invested in the role, and there are plenty of capable actors out there who’d do a better job than Rogen and Hill for a smaller price.

The Hollywood Reporter’s Borys Kit has since revealed that Rogen is no longer wanted for the role, which I think is a good thing because he’s not right for The Penguin.

There’s been talk of the likes of Josh Gad to play the role, and I think he’d be a better fit than Rogen and Hill.

Who else could play The Penguin in The Batman?

timothy spall

Timothy Spall would make a great Penguin

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That said, I’m struggling to think of Rogen, Hill or Gad being threatening. The Penguin is a scary dude, and one who might just flip out at any moment.

I think out of the three of those actors, Hill might have been the best pick, but I’m not entirely convinced.

I think actors like Andy Serkis, Tobey Jones and Timothy Spall would be much better suited to the role.

Who do you like to see play The Penguin in Matt Reeves’ The Batman? Let us know in the comments below.

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