Ryan Reynolds Given Full Creative Control Over Deadpool 3 By Kevin Feige


It’s being reported that Kevin Feige – Marvel’s President – has given Ryan Reynolds full creative control over Deadpool 3.

This report comes to us from industry insider Daniel Richtman who’s delivering this news via his Patreon page.

This all comes after it was reported that there might be issues with Deadpool 3.

The main issue was that Ryan Reynolds reportedly felt that he was being censored by Disney and that there were executives at Disney that weren’t happy with the idea of Deadpool 3 being R-rated.

The MCU up until this point has been pretty much all PG-13, and it sounded like Reynolds was hitting roadblocks with some people inside Disney who felt that the movie should be PG-13.

Ryan Reynolds has been handed full creative control over Deadpool 3


Credit: Marvel Studios

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However, it sounds like Marvel’s President is backing Ryan Reynolds in this case and has now given the actor full creative control over the movie.

Reynolds is currently working on the film’s script with the Molyneux sisters who are replacing Paul Wernick and Rhett Rhees as the franchise’s writers.

Hopefully, this all means that we will be getting an R-rated Deadpool 3 movie and it’ll be able to make fun of everything Reynolds and the Molyneux sisters want it to.

This is what I wanted to hear because the MCU and Disney need to be shaken up a bit, and it looks like Deadpool 3 will be doing exactly that.

What do you make of this report?

Are you glad to hear that Kevin Feige has given Ryan Reynolds full creative control over Deadpool 3?

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