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The Ryan Gosling Crime Thriller That Everybody Forgot About


In the vast expanse of Hollywood’s glittering filmography, certain gems manage to slip through the cracks of public memory, awaiting rediscovery. One such film is Gangster Squad, a crime thriller featuring the charismatic Ryan Gosling, which seems to have faded into the background amidst his more prominent works. Despite its star-studded cast and gripping narrative, the film has not managed to secure a lasting legacy in the minds of moviegoers.

Gosling, with his versatile acting skills and undeniable screen presence, has been a part of numerous blockbuster hits and critically acclaimed movies. However, Gangster Squad, despite its potential and Gosling’s compelling performance, has not received the same level of attention and acclaim as his other works. This article delves into the reasons behind this phenomenon, exploring the film’s production, reception, and its place in Gosling’s extensive filmography.

The Plot and Production of Gangster Squad


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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A Glimpse into the Story

Gangster Squad is set in the late 1940s and early 1950s, revolving around the Los Angeles Police Department’s efforts to bring down the notorious gangster Mickey Cohen. Gosling plays the role of Sgt. Jerry Wooters, a charismatic officer who becomes a key member of the secret ‘Gangster Squad’. The film is a gritty portrayal of crime, corruption, and the moral dilemmas faced by those on both sides of the law.

The Creative Minds Behind the Film

Directed by Ruben Fleischer, Gangster Squad boasts a screenplay by Will Beall, based on Paul Lieberman’s book. The film’s production was a grand affair, with meticulous attention to period detail and a commitment to capturing the noir aesthetic of the era. Despite these efforts, the film’s release was marred by unfortunate timing, as it coincided with the 2012 Aurora shooting, leading to the reshooting of certain scenes and a delayed release.

The Reception and Aftermath


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Critical Response

Upon its release, Gangster Squad received mixed reviews from critics. While some praised the film’s stylish visuals and dynamic action sequences, others criticized its lack of depth and over-reliance on genre tropes. Ryan Gosling’s performance was highlighted as a standout, but it was not enough to elevate the film to the status of a classic.

The Impact on Ryan Gosling’s Career

Despite the lukewarm reception, Gangster Squad did not hinder Ryan Gosling’s career trajectory. He continued to take on diverse roles in various genres, solidifying his reputation as one of Hollywood’s most talented and bankable actors. However, the film remains a lesser-known entry in his filmography, often overshadowed by his more successful projects.

Ryan Gosling’s Filmography and Netflix Presence


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A Diverse Range of Roles

Ryan Gosling’s filmography is a testament to his versatility as an actor. From romantic dramas like The Notebook to intense thrillers like Drive, he has showcased his ability to inhabit a wide range of characters and genres. His performances have earned him critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base, eager to see what he will take on next.

Finding Gangster Squad on Netflix

For those interested in exploring Ryan Gosling’s lesser-known works, Gangster Squad is available on Netflix. This accessibility allows a new generation of viewers to discover the film and appreciate Gosling’s performance, even if it is from the comfort of their own homes.

Final Thoughts on Ryan Gosling and Gangster Squad


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Gangster Squad may not have left a lasting impact on the cinematic landscape, but it remains an interesting footnote in Gosling’s illustrious career. With its stylish visuals, action-packed narrative, and Gosling’s charismatic presence, it offers a viewing experience that, while not groundbreaking, is certainly entertaining.

As we revisit the hidden corners of Gosling’s filmography, Gangster Squad stands as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of Hollywood success. It proves that even with a talented cast and a compelling story, not every film can become a classic. However, it also shows that these forgotten gems are worth rediscovering, offering a glimpse into the varied and vibrant career of one of Hollywood’s finest actors.

What do you make of this news? Have you watched Gosling in Gangster Squad?

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