Ron Perlman Reveals He’d Still Do Hellboy 3 If Asked

Ron Perlman has revealed that he is still open to the possibility of returning as Hellboy in a Hellboy 3 film, which I think would be great. He revealed this during an interview with

Ron Perlman played Hellboy in Guillermo Del Toro’s first Hellboy movie and then again in Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. He was perfect in those two movies, and they never got a chance to finish their Hellboy trilogy.

However, it sounds like Ron Perlman hasn’t given up hope on making that third film and what would have been their final Hellboy movie. It would be great to see both him and Guillermo Del Toro returning to the franchise.

Ron Perlman would do a Hellboy 3

Hellboy 2 The Golden Army

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Here’s what Ron Perlman had to say about David Harbour’s version of Hellboy and whether he would do a Hellboy 3 or not:

Well, I’m fond of David Harbour. He’s a really good guy and he’s a really good actor, so I was hoping for the best for him, but I had my Hellboy epoch, era, was what it was. [The reboot] has really nothing to do with [my films]. There was no overlap. They were two completely different entities. So I didn’t have an opinion about the new Hellboy or a wish for it to succeed or fail, but I did make it clear that if there was a chance to finish the trilogy with Guillermo, as we had done the first two films and in the image of what he had in mind in terms of closing all of the circles, that is something that I would, to this day, consider doing. But since it [didn’t happen], then I had moved on and I didn’t have an opinion about any of it. And I’m not being effusive or hyperbolic, that’s just the truth of it.

What do you make of this news? Would you like to see Ron Perlman play Hellboy again in a Hellboy 3 movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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