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Reacher Star Alan Ritchson Wants To Play Batman In James Gunn’s DCU


Alan Ritchson, the star of the hit series Reacher, has expressed a keen interest in donning the iconic cape and cowl of Batman in James Gunn’s DC Universe (DCU). Ritchson, known for his commanding presence and dynamic performances, believes he has what it takes to bring a fresh portrayal to one of the most beloved comic book characters of all time.

The actor’s interest in the role signifies a potential shift in the portrayal of Batman, aligning with James Gunn’s vision for a revitalised DCU. Ritchson’s physicality and on-screen charisma, honed through his role in Reacher, could bring a unique edge to the character of Batman, a role that has been famously played by several actors over the years.

Alan Ritchson’s Aspirations


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From Reacher to Gotham City

Alan Ritchson’s portrayal of Jack Reacher has been met with critical acclaim, showcasing his ability to handle complex characters and physically demanding roles. His transition from the no-nonsense investigator in Reacher to the brooding vigilante of Gotham City could be a natural progression, offering a new depth to the Batman character.

Ritchson’s Vision for Batman

Ritchson has shared his enthusiasm for bringing a new dimension to Batman, emphasizing his desire to explore the darker and more nuanced aspects of Bruce Wayne’s persona. His approach could offer a fresh perspective on the character’s struggles and triumphs, differentiating his portrayal from previous iterations.

“With all the rumours flying that I’m supposed to be playing Batman, how can I knock Batman?” the actor said (via We Got This Covered). “I would love to play Batman.”

James Gunn’s DCU Direction


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A New Era for DC

James Gunn, known for his innovative storytelling and character-driven narratives, is at the helm of the DCU’s new phase. His vision for a more interconnected and character-focused universe provides an exciting backdrop for Ritchson’s potential portrayal of Batman.

Potential Collaboration

The prospect of Ritchson working under Gunn’s direction has sparked excitement among fans and industry insiders. Their collaboration could mark a significant moment in the DCU, potentially setting a new standard for superhero films.

Final Thoughts on Alan Ritchson potentially playing Batman


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The potential casting of Alan Ritchson as Batman in James Gunn’s DC Universe (DCU) is more than just a speculative casting choice; it represents a significant moment in the ever-evolving narrative of superhero cinema. Ritchson, with his commanding presence honed in Reacher, embodies the physicality and intensity that could bring a new depth to the character of Batman, a role that has been reimagined multiple times over the decades.

The Impact of Ritchson’s Casting on the DCU

Should Ritchson be cast as Batman, it could signal a new direction for the DCU under James Gunn’s creative vision. Ritchson’s approach to Batman could offer a blend of raw physicality and emotional depth, potentially exploring aspects of Bruce Wayne’s character that have yet to be fully delved into on screen. This casting could set a precedent for future DCU projects, where character-driven storytelling takes precedence, offering a richer and more nuanced exploration of these iconic heroes.

The Broader Implications for Superhero Cinema

Ritchson’s interest in playing Batman also highlights a broader trend in superhero cinema, where actors known for their roles in action-packed, character-driven series are increasingly sought after for superhero roles. This trend suggests a shift towards casting choices that prioritize depth of character and acting prowess, potentially leading to more layered and compelling portrayals of beloved comic book characters.

In conclusion, Alan Ritchson’s aspiration to play Batman in the DCU is a reflection of the dynamic and ever-changing landscape of superhero films. His potential casting could bring a fresh and exciting perspective to one of cinema’s most iconic characters, aligning with James Gunn’s vision for a revitalised and character-centric DCU.

As the superhero genre continues to evolve, the inclusion of actors like Ritchson, who bring a unique blend of physicality and depth, will be crucial in shaping the future narratives and appeal of these timeless stories. Whether Ritchson becomes the next Dark Knight remains to be seen, but his interest in the role underscores the ongoing evolution and limitless possibilities of superhero cinema.

What do you make of this news? Would you like to see Alan Ritchson play Batman in the DC Universe? Do you think he would be a good choice for the role?

You can watch Alan Ritchson in Reacher Season 2 right now, which is airing on Prime Video.