Fans Are Worried Darth Maul Actor Ray Park Could Be Cancelled After Troubling Instagram Post

It seems as though Star Wars fans are now a bit worried that Ray Park might end up getting cancelled after a troubling post was shared onto his Instagram.

This is such a strange story.

So, it seems as though Darth Maul actor, Ray Park’s Instagram account was hacked.

At least, I’m hoping it was.

There was a video which has since been taken down in which Park was engaging in sexual activities with a woman.

So, at the moment, it seems as though his account was hacked.

However, there have been allegations that this was an act of revenge porn in response to his wife allegedly cheating on him.

This means that Star Wars fans are now rather worried that Ray Park could end up being cancelled.

Check out some of these Star Wars fans’ tweets below.

Could Darth Maul actor, Ray Park be about to be cancelled?

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However, there are many people who’ve aired on the side of caution before cancelling Ray Park.

I completely agree with this, and I never thought I would end up agreeing with Andy Signore of all people.

He and many others took to Twitter to tell people to make sure they get all the facts before calling for Ray Park to be cancelled.

Here are some of their tweets:

What do you make of this news?

I really hope that there’s a good explanation behind the video that went up on Ray Park’s Instagram account.

I’ve always been fond of Ray Park and I truly hope he doesn’t end up getting cancelled.

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