Pierce Brosnan Reveals He Hated Playing James Bond


Pierce Brosnan has revealed that he didn’t enjoy certain aspects of playing MGM Studios’ James Bond – aka 007, the British secret agent.

The Irish/American actor has expressed over the years that he doesn’t believe he did a great job for the character of 007.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly (via CheatSheet), Brosnan revealed that there were a few things that really bothered him about his take on James Bond.

First off, Brosnan revealed that he “loathed” the “one-liners” that the character was known for.

Honestly, Bond’s one-liners aren’t always the best and Sean Connery was the only actor who really managed to pull them off.

Daniel Craig’s Bond almost got rid of the one-liners completely.

Why didn’t Pierce Brosnan like playing James Bond?

Pierce Brosnan James Bond Villain

Credit: MGM Studios

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Moreover, during another interview with The Telegraph Brosnan revealed that he doesn’t like to look back on his time as the British secret agent.

However, did reveal that playing the character did bring him quite a bit of wealth and also some name recognition.

That said, Brosnan then added that he does not want to watch himself play Bond:

I have no desire to watch myself as James Bond. ‘Cause it’s just never good enough…It’s a horrible feeling.

It is rather sad to hear him say these things because Brosnan was actually quite a good Bond.

GoldenEye is a great Bond movie, and he was let down by the films’ writing.

They were pretty terribly written after GoldenEye.

What do you make of this news?

Are you surprised that Pierce Brosnan didn’t enjoy playing James Bond?

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