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What Are The Must-Have Mobile Gaming Accessories?


If you stop to consider the gaming industry, there’s a good chance that you’d think that PCs and consoles dominate. The reality, however, is that mobile gaming is on the up and is taking a greater slice of the pie. As mobile gaming grows in popularity, players are demanding more and more from the experience. That means that there has been an explosion in the market of mobile gaming accessories. What are they, and why do you need them? Let’s take a look.

The Need for Mobile Gaming Accessories


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Whether or not you need mobile gaming accessories will often depend on the types of game that you play. It could be that you’re playing some of the latest releases that require intricate moves that are just too difficult to achieve on a touch screen. At the other end of the spectrum, the best UK slots have been adapted in such a way that a touch screen is all that you need to enjoy your game of choice. This makes it easier to spin the reels on a range of dynamic slot games at your convenience.

That being said, it’s not all about controls and there are still reasons why mobile casino goers may well be tempted to dive into accessories too. As you read on, we’ll jump into the accessories that benefit all players, regardless of their choice of game.

No matter what your game of choice is, there’s no getting away from the fact that sound matters. When it comes to trying to enjoy the sounds directly from your mobile, it has to be said that the experience is a little lacking. Yes, you can research the best smartphones for sound, but these additions will still be worthwhile:

  • Headphones: Top-quality headphones can allow for a more immersive experience. There are high-end options such as Sony WF-1000XM5 as well as the more budget-friendly Sony WH-CH510.
  • Bluetooth Speaker: A great way to boost the sound quality of your gaming, a portable speaker gives an almost cinematic experience.

Take Control


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As we’ve said, online casino fans can enjoy the mobile experience via their touchscreens, but with some games, you may require a little more control. The good news is that there are options here that can make the mobile gaming experience almost like a console one. If you’re a fan of the console-like experience, you can opt for:

  • GameSir X2
  • Backbone

Power Up

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Regardless of your choice of game, there is one thing that can quickly bring to an end the joy of gaming on the go: a dead battery. Yes, the battery life of mobiles has improved in recent years, but grabbing yourself a power bank means that you’ll never see your gaming come to a premature end. Just two options are:

  • Mophie Powerstation XL
  • Anker 622 Magnetic Battery

These are just the basic and must-have accessories for mobile gamers. With a bigger budget, you can enhance your experience even further with the likes of phone stands, stylus pens and even keyboards. With so many accessories available, it’s easy to see why mobile gaming continues to grow in popularity.

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