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Monarch: Legacy Of Monsters Season 2 Gets A Disappointing Update


In the latest twist that could leave fans feeling like they’ve been hit by Godzilla’s tail swipe, Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Season 2 has received an update that’s less thrilling than finding out your house has been designated as a new Kaiju battleground. One of the show’s main actors shared some insights into season 2’s current state that might just have you spitting atomic breath in frustration.

Since its inception on Apple TV Plus, Monarch has promised to delve deep into the lore of our favourite behemoths, giving Godzilla and company the high-definition spotlight they deserve. But as the curtain rises on the second act of this monster mash, it seems the show might be stomping into some controversial territory. Let’s dissect the beastly details, shall we?

A Legacy Unravelled?

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During a red carpet event for the FX series Shōgun, a historical epic set to premiere on February 27, Anna Sawai shared exclusive insights with Screen Rant. Despite the anticipation surrounding Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Season 2, Sawai revealed she’s yet to receive any updates. However, she highlighted that the topic is often a subject of conversation. Here’s what she had to say:

I talk to Kiersey [Clemons] and Ren [Watabe] all the time, and we still don’t know! I’m asking the same question to the producers and the showrunner, Chris Black, and so I would like to know if you find out.

The Plot Thickens

At the heart of the disappointment is the season’s narrative direction. Where once there were tales of titanic tussles that could make a Kaiju blush, insiders hint at a shift towards inter-monster office politics. Yes, you read that right. Godzilla filing a grievance against Mothra for microwaving fish in the communal area might just be this season’s cliffhanger.

Casting Conundrums

With a cast as diverse as the monster universe itself, expectations were sky-high. However, recent leaks suggest that the much-anticipated debut of King Ghidorah might now be played by three disgruntled iguanas in a trench coat, following budget cuts. A bold choice, indeed.

Technical Troubles On Monarch Season 2


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Special Effects: Less Special?

The bread and butter of any Godzilla series are its special effects. Yet, whispers from the set indicate that the show’s CGI budget was accidentally spent on an actual island, leaving the special effects team to work with nothing but cardboard and hope.

Sound and Fury

The iconic roars of our beloved monsters are reportedly being replaced by budget-friendly alternatives. Early screenings suggest Godzilla’s fearsome roar now sounds suspiciously like a cat’s yawn, played over a loudspeaker.

The Fans React to Monarch Season 2’s Possible Delay


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Social Media Meltdown

The online reaction has been a mix of disbelief, anger, and memes. Many fans have taken to social media to voice their concerns, with one user suggesting they could create better effects using a sock puppet and their old camcorder.

The Silver Lining?

Despite the uproar, some die-hard optimists believe this could mark a return to the franchise’s roots, reminiscent of the days when monster movies were gloriously low budget and high camp.

Final Thoughts on Monarch: Legacy Of Monsters Season 2


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As we stand on the precipice of this new season, one can’t help but wonder if Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Season 2 will be remembered as a misunderstood masterpiece or a cautionary tale of how not to handle a legacy. Only time will tell if the show can rise from the ashes like a Phoenix, or if it will sink into the depths like a certain three-headed monster’s acting career.

In the end, the true legacy of Monarch may lie not in the monsters it portrays but in the monstrous task it faces: living up to the expectations of its passionate fan base. As we await the season’s release with bated breath, let’s hope for a miracle on par with Godzilla finding that grievance form in time.

What do you make of this news? Are you hopeful that Apple will greenlight the second season of Monarch: Legacy Of Monsters? We’d love to hear from you.

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