The Netflix Disaster Thriller That’s One Of The Best Films Of The Year


Netflix has quietly dropped a new disaster thriller that’s already being hailed as one of the best films of the year. Titled The Abyss, not to be confused with James Cameron’s underwater epic of the same name, this Scandinavian production has taken the genre to new heights with its gripping portrayal of a town on the brink of annihilation. The Abyss, or Avgrunden as it’s known in its native Swedish, is set in the real-life town of Kiruna, which, due to the threat of mining subsidence, began moving three kilometres east in 2014.

Though the actual structural collapse Kiruna faces is decades away, The Abyss offers viewers a dramatized glimpse into what could potentially unfold. The film, which was released six months ago in Scandinavia and is now streaming globally on Netflix, has been lauded for its realistic depiction of disaster, compelling human drama, and the masterful blending of the two by director Richard Holm, who is known for his work in Nordic noir.

The Story Unfolds in Kiruna


Credit: Netflix

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A Town on the Edge

The Abyss delves into the consequences of time and human intervention in nature, highlighting the impact of the world’s largest iron ore mine on the town’s stability. It starts with a chilling opener where three teenagers plummet through the earth, setting the stage for a disaster that feels both immediate and inevitable.

Family Drama Meets Disaster Epic

Beyond the catastrophe, The Abyss paints a richly detailed portrait of a community grappling with its impending doom. It follows workaholic single mom Frigga, played by Tuva Novotny, as she balances her role as the mine’s security manager and the domestic struggles with her new partner and her ex-husband.

A Critically Acclaimed Thriller


Credit: Netflix

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The Real-Life Inspiration

The film draws inspiration from a 2014 incident when the town of Kiruna had to move due to mining-induced subsidence. This real-world backdrop lends the narrative an authenticity that elevates it above your standard disaster flick.

A Director’s Transition from Noir to Natural Disaster

Director Richard Holm, traditionally associated with the moody, rain-soaked crime dramas of Nordic noir, transitions into disaster cinema with an adept hand, maintaining the human element that is often lost in the genre.

Disaster Strikes in The Abyss


Credit: Netflix

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Claustrophobia and Catastrophe

The movie ramps up the tension with scenes that evoke classics like The Descent and The 33. A hand rising from the rubble in a nod to Carrie and a vertigo-inducing climactic rescue add to the film’s visceral impact.

The Abyss’s Visual Feats

Despite not having Hollywood’s budget, The Abyss makes the most of its resources, delivering breathtaking set-pieces that include a town centre’s catastrophic collapse and a harrowing underground rescue mission.

The Impact of The Abyss on Netflix


Credit: Netflix

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A Fresh Take on the Disaster Genre

The Abyss is a standout in the disaster genre, eschewing bombast in favour of a more grounded and compact storytelling approach. It’s a film that gets in, stirs up chaos, and gets out, all without the typical destruction of landmarks or mass fatalities.

The International Appeal

The film’s international success on Netflix is a testament to its quality and the universal appeal of its high-stakes drama. It has quickly found fans around the globe, adding to the diversity of Netflix’s offerings.

Final thoughts on this Netflix disaster thriller

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The Abyss marks a significant achievement for Netflix and the disaster thriller genre. It’s a testament to the streaming service’s commitment to delivering diverse and quality content. With The Abyss, Netflix once again proves that it’s not just the scale of the disaster that counts but the human stories within it.

The film stands as a potent reminder of the delicate balance between human industry and the natural world. It’s a thrilling, heart-wrenching ride that’s not just one of the best thrillers on Netflix this year but one of the best films of the year, period.

What do you make of this news? Are you going to watch The Abyss on Netflix? Have you watched the movie already? We’d love to hear from you.

You can stream The Abyss on Netflix right now.