No Hard Feelings Review: No Real Laughs


No Hard Feelings, directed by Gene Stupnitsky of Good Boys fame and starring Jennifer Lawrence, takes an unconventional approach to the coming-of-age genre, resulting in a raunchy/cringe comedy experience.

While the film falls short of fully exploring the dynamics between its main characters, it provides a solid comedic romp with clever dialogue and hilarious situations.

No Hard Feelings: What’s the Story?


Credit: Sony Pictures

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The story revolves around Maddie (Jennifer Lawrence), a bartender struggling to save her late mother’s house from foreclosure, who finds herself in the unconventional position of preparing a wealthy couple’s anxious son, Percy (Andrew Barth Feldman), for his sexual debut. Although the script fails to delve into the evolving relationship between Maddie and Percy thoroughly, it still offers a wealth of potential for an intriguing and challenging dynamic, leaving viewers yearning for a more satisfying emotional resolution.

Despite this shortcoming, No Hard Feelings delivers an entertaining and engaging cinematic experience. The film’s sharp and witty dialogue ensures the story maintains momentum even when the narrative falters. The chemistry among the cast is palpable, adding authenticity to the story and creating a compelling viewing experience.

How Are The Performances?


Credit: Sony Pictures

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Jennifer Lawrence’s performance as Maddie is a standout, showcasing her comedic talents as she embraces the role of a commitment-phobic woman caught in unusual circumstances. Andrew Barth Feldman brings believability to his portrayal of Percy, the sheltered and neurotic young man navigating the complexities of love and parental expectations. Lawrence and Feldman’s on-screen pairing creates moments of humour and warmth.

Although No Hard Feelings initially promises steamy encounters within its premise, the film fails to deliver on that promise, focusing instead on the humour and awkwardness that arise from Maddie and Percy’s attempts at intimacy. With this shift in emphasis, we can explore the characters’ vulnerabilities, adding depth to the comedic interplay between Jennifer Lawrence’s Maddie and Andrew Barth Feldman’s Percy. As Lawrence seamlessly transitions between portraying Maddie as irresistibly hot and hilariously clumsy, she lends the film a refreshing nuance.

Stupnitsky skillfully blends raunchiness with earnestness throughout the film, striking a delicate balance that occasionally succeeds. The result is an uneven but amusing comedy

exploring relationships, friendship, and first love. It illustrates how individuals from different backgrounds can find common ground by going beyond mere physical intimacy in No Hard Feelings.

Final Thoughts on No Hard Feelings


Credit: Sony Pictures

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Even though the film does not require multiple viewings, it offers a unique perspective on the conventional coming-of-age comedy. Jennifer Lawrence’s charismatic performance combines clever and witty dialogue to entertain the audience throughout the film. The endearing characters make This story more relatable, making it easier for the reader to become invested in it. The film, however, missed an opportunity to delve deeper into the emotional resonance between Maddie and Percy, leaving viewers wanting to know more about their relationship.

Even with this shortcoming, No Hard Feelings remains an enjoyable and lighthearted film. It finds its own voice within the genre, offering a unique perspective on young love and self-discovery complexities. Despite its lack of groundbreaking qualities, the film offers enough laughter and charm to appeal to those who enjoy romantic comedies and seek a light-hearted escape.

What do you make of this review of No Hard Feelings? Are you going to be checking out this movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Good Things

  • A standout performance from Jennifer Lawrence
  • Feldman convincingly portrays Percy
  • The cast's chemistry adds authenticity
  • Comedy offers a unique perspective on coming-of-age
  • A relatable story with endearing characters

Bad Things

  • Needs to fully explore the dynamics between the main characters
  • The film does not deliver on steamy encounters, focusing more on humour and awkwardness
  • Sometimes feels bland

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