Nicolas Cage H.P Lovecraft Horror Film Color Out of Space Is Going To Be The First Film In A Trilogy

It was revealed a while back that Nicholas Cage would be teaming up with Mandy’s producers yet again to make Color Out Of Space, which is an adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s novel The Colour Of Space.

This is the kind of film that an actor like Cage is perfect for. A mad horror film and it has since been revealed that this will be the start of an H.P. Lovecraft trilogy series.

Moreover, this film’s director Richard Stanley has come out of retirement in order to make it after a 27-year hiatus.

It was revealed that the film’s producers want this film to spawn a new trilogy of H.P Lovecraft adaptations that are more faithful to the original stories.

Lovecraft has been a source of inspiration for many filmmakers and movies. Guillermo Del Torro, for instance, talks of how important his work has been in his movies.

Watching Del Torro’s movies you can really tell how much for an influence Lovecraft has been, especially as far as his movie monsters are concerned.

Looks like Nicolas Cage might be part of an H.P. Lovecraft trilogy

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Color Out Of Space’s producer Daniel Noah (who was also a producer on Mandy) said: “We had been hellbent on finding the Lovecraft adaptation that truly captured cosmic dread without the camp”.

He then added that the film would also have little hints and nods to other Lovecraft stories.

He added that after having read the writer/director’s Stanley’s script, he immediately texted fellow his producer Elijah Wood and told him: “This is it. We found it.”

It certainly sounds like they might have landed on something pretty big with these upcoming Lovecraft movies, and hopefully, the likes of Cage will help them to make this Lovecraft trilogy a reality.

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