A New RoboCop Series In The Works For Prime Video


If you thought the streets of Detroit were safe from crime, think again! A new RoboCop series is in the works, set to patrol your streaming platforms and arrest your attention. Amazon and MGM have announced a reboot of the iconic 1987 sci-fi classic, bringing justice and nostalgia to Prime Video subscribers.

The series is part of a broader effort by the two entertainment giants, who have been collaborating on reviving some of their most popular intellectual properties. Alongside RoboCop, the companies are working on a Stargate series, a Legally Blonde spinoff, and a Barbershop revival. With these projects in the pipeline, it seems that Amazon and MGM are on a mission to deliver a one-two punch of entertainment goodness to the masses.

RoboCop originally graced our screens as a half-man, half-machine police officer, who was brutally gunned down only to be brought back as a cyborg by a corporation named Omni Consumer Products (OCP). The film, directed by Paul Verhoeven and starring Peter Weller, was an instant hit, spawning sequels, a live-action series, animated shows, and even comic books. But it seems that justice never sleeps, and neither does RoboCop.

RoboCop series is in the works for Amazon Prime Video


Credit: MGM Studios

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This news was revealed via Deadline, and in their original report, they also revealed that Amazon and MGM Studios are also working on reboots of properties such as The Magnificent Seven, The Pink Panther and The Thomas Crown Affair. Details on the new series are scarce, with the creative team and cast yet to be announced.

However, fans can expect a fresh take on the RoboCop mythology while retaining the gritty, satirical edge that made the original a classic. As the protector of a dystopian Detroit, RoboCop will likely continue his crusade against crime and corporate greed, all while navigating the challenges of his own humanity.

The new RoboCop series will join an already impressive lineup of content on Prime Video, which has been steadily growing in both quantity and quality. With the recent acquisition of MGM, Amazon has gained access to a treasure trove of properties, including James Bond, The Pink Panther, and Rocky, among others. The partnership between Amazon and MGM promises to deliver a wide range of content, from nostalgic reboots to groundbreaking originals.

You should rewatch the original RoboCop trilogy

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While the new RoboCop series may be a few years away from hitting our screens, fans can already start preparing for their next sci-fi binge. In the meantime, it’s worth revisiting the original RoboCop trilogy or the underrated 2014 reboot, which starred Joel Kinnaman in the titular role. After all, there’s nothing quite like a dose of dystopian future and cybernetic heroics to remind us of the power of cinema.

As we eagerly await more news on the RoboCop series, there is one question on everyone’s mind: who will fill the shoes of the iconic Peter Weller? The answer remains to be seen, but one thing is certain – with Prime Video at the helm, we can expect a top-notch cast and crew to bring this reboot to life. So, gear up for some high-octane, cyborg-infused action, because RoboCop is coming back to the streets of Detroit, and this time, he’s streaming!

Stay tuned for more updates on the RoboCop series, as well as everything that’s going on with the Legally Blonde, Stargate and Barbershop revivals movies/TV shows.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to this new RoboCop series on Prime Video? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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