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The New Crime Thriller Series On Netflix From An Iconic Director


Netflix has delivered a delightful surprise to its fans with the announcement of Guy Ritchie’s upcoming TV series, The Gentlemen. This series, which is a continuation of Ritchie’s 2019 film of the same name, follows the story of Eddie Halstead, played by Theo James, who inherits a large estate from his father. This inheritance comes with a twist – the estate is a key part of a sprawling cannabis-growing empire.

Introduction to The Gentlemen

The Gentlemen series promises to be a captivating blend of intrigue and dark humor, a trademark of Guy Ritchie’s style. The series not only revisits the gritty, witty world of crime and power but also expands on the narrative established in the film. With an ensemble cast including names like Ray Winstone, Kaya Scodelario, Daniel Ings, and more, the series is set to delve deeper into the criminal underworld.

Star-Studded Cast and Characters


Credit: Netflix

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Leading the Charge – Theo James as Eddie Halstead

Theo James, known for his dynamic acting range, takes on the role of Eddie Halstead. Inheriting an estate that doubles as a cannabis empire puts his character at the center of power struggles and moral dilemmas.

The Supporting Ensemble

The series boasts an impressive cast, each bringing their unique flair to the show. From the seasoned Ray Winstone to the versatile Joely Richardson, the actors are set to deliver performances that resonate with the show’s gritty theme.

Plot and Setting: A Crime Empire’s Underbelly


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The Intricate Web of the Cannabis Empire

The story revolves around the complex dynamics of a criminal empire. Eddie’s inheritance of the estate, previously part of Mickey Pearson’s (Matthew McConaughey’s character in the film) empire, hints at a possible prequel angle to the narrative.

Expectations from the Plot

Fans of the film can expect callbacks and perhaps cameos from the movie’s characters. The series is anticipated to explore the depths of crime, loyalty, and ambition, all set against the backdrop of Ritchie’s signature storytelling.

Guy Ritchie’s Creative Vision


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Ritchie at the Helm

Guy Ritchie’s involvement as the creator, executive producer, co-writer, and director of the first two episodes assures that the series will retain the essence of the film. His vision for The Gentlemen is expected to bring a fresh yet familiar perspective to the crime thriller genre.

A Continuation of Success

Following the financial and critical success of the film, which grossed $115 million against a $22 million budget, expectations are high for the series. Ritchie’s return to these characters signals both his confidence in the story and his commitment to expanding this intriguing world.

Final Thoughts: Why The Gentlemen is a Must-Watch


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In the first paragraph of the conclusion, we’ll discuss the unique blend of Ritchie’s storytelling with the thrilling plot of The Gentlemen, making it a series that promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

In the second paragraph, we’ll highlight the anticipation for the series, which is set to release in March on Netflix, and the potential it has to become a modern classic in the crime thriller genre.

What do you make of this news? Are you going to watch this new crime thriller series from Guy Ritchie when it’s finally released on Netflix? We’d love to hear from you.

The Gentlemen TV series will be released on Netflix in March later this year.