A New Blair Witch TV Show Rumoured To Be In Development

It’s being rumoured that a new Blair Witch TV show is now in development which means that there might not be another movie.

This rumour comes from We Got This Covered, so make of that what you will.

WGTC’s sources claim that rather than making another Blair Witch movie, they’re looking into the possiblity of making a series instead.

This comes after it was rumoured that we could be getting another Blair Witch film.

However, it seems as if they might have shelved that idea for the time being.

The Blair Witch Project came out back in 1999 and was really one of the first movies ever to feature ‘found footage’.

It almost single-handedly started a whole new genre of horror movie – the found footage horror movie genre.

The Blair Witch could be coming to our TV screens

blair witch tv show project

Credit: Artisan Entertainment

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That said, there were films that did this before The Blair Witch Project.

However, that movie was the one which really made it popular.

People went to the cinema and were so freaked out by the movie because they believed it was real.

We’ve since seen a huge number of horror films adopt this filming technique, which is effective and also really cheap to replicate.

There have been movies like Chronicle, Cloverfield, the Paranormal Activity movies which all did very well at the box office using this technique.

I do like the sound of a Blair Witch TV show because I think the ‘found footage’ genre would work well in the medium.

What do you make of this news?

Would you like to see a Blair Witch TV show?

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