People Are Calling For Netflix To Be Cancelled Due To New Film Featuring ‘Child Pornography’

People took to Twitter to call for Netflix to be cancelled after a new film called Cuties was believed to feature child pornography.

So, “What’s going on!?” I hear you ask.

Why are people calling for Netflix to be cancelled?

Why are the hashtags CancelNetflix and BoycottNetflix trending on Twitter right now.

Well, it all has to do with a new film called Cuties.

This movie, called Mignonnes in French, is a French coming-of-age comedy-drama film written and directed by Maïmouna Doucouré.

It’s about an eleven-year-old Senegalese Muslim girl, Amy, who lives with her mother Mariam in one of Paris’s poorest neighbourhoods.

Things turn swiftly as Amy is fascinated by her disobedient neighbour Angelica’s dance group called Cuties.

They are an adult-style dance troupe, and this is where people have a problem.

People want Netflix to be cancelled due to Cuties movie

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People have read the film’s plot and immediately said that it features child pornography.

They’ve then taken to Twitter to criticise Netflix for having put the film on their streaming platform.

The thing is, I haven’t seen this film, which won the Directing Award at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

It’s been incredibly well-received by critics, yet people seem to think it’s child pornography.

I highly doubt these people have seen the film, and as I haven’t watched it, I can’t really say whether they have a point or not.

What I can say, is that it doesn’t seem good to have a film which includes 11-year-olds twerking.

I do find that to be very problematic.

Does this mean we should now cancel Netflix for putting this film, Cuties, on their streaming platform?

What do you make of this news?

Do you believe that Netflix should be cancelled due to this new Cuties series?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Phillip Kirkpatrick

    They can be in denial all they want, but showing uncensored breast(s) of a child, while dancing provocatively is definitely child porn.

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