Mobile Games That Helped Shape The Industry


Mobile games are also part of the ongoing metaverse integration, a testament to how respective gaming companies can grow in the future. You can find and explore numerous mobile games, some being household names, at the forefront of making the general gaming industry a hit.

Here are the games helping shape the industry.

Pokemon Go


Credit: Niantic, Inc

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Pokemon Go had the whole gaming industry on alert in 2016, with different participants praising it via different social platforms, thus marketing the game. The game had been hyped before release and gained over 100 million downloads in its first month. 

Additionally, Pokemon Go included unique and interactive gameplay, with individuals walking around searching for Pokemons in different areas. It was no surprise for the game to attract mainstream attention and also that of content creators, leading to more free marketing. 

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush has an interesting history, beginning as a Facebook game. It is a simple game that attracted millions through its engaging gameplay. 

Capable of reaching millions and convenient for all ages, the free-to-play variety has garnered over $1 billion and counting. Similar to Pokemon, it also got improvements to keep its players interested. Over time, you’ll find different colors and varieties of delicious candy to help you manoeuvre various game levels.

Mobile Casino Games: Keno Variety

Keno is one of the best casino card games you can try on your mobile phone. Like many other casino varieties, online keno in Australia is easy to interact with via engaging gameplay, even as a non-Australian participant. You can visit the link to learn about Keno from the review, how to register and deposit cash as a beginner, play the game effectively, and interact with other online Keno game versions. Also included are tricks and tips to maximize your winning chances.

Call of Duty


Credit: Activision

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Call of Duty is also popular even with non-gamers due to its popularity in its console versions and its reputation in the gaming industry. Therefore, its introduction as a mobile version was bound to get traction, getting 100 million Google Play downloads in the first week. 

The game is quite popular for its graphics, arguably the best in the industry for mobile and console versions. Also, the game involves impressive gameplay, including multiplayer modes via a unique global network. 

Angry Birds

You may be aware of Angry Birds considering its popularity as one of the most downloaded mobile games. The version is among the few gameplays to reach a billion downloads (hit 5 billion in 2022) and, in the process, influenced the creation of other related games. These varieties include: 

  • Fruit Ninja
  • Doodle Jump

Interestingly Angry Bird’s reputation is printed on its simple dynamics and not through the next-gen visuals like in Call of Duty. Therefore, everyone, regardless of age, can download and start playing the game of birds instantly. 


The mentioned mobile games are readily available from your mobile Google or Apple store and compatible with Android and iOS. While entertaining millions globally, these games have led to a positive shift in sales of respective console and PC versions and influenced their consistent improvements

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