Michelle Yeoh’s Star Trek Spinoff Series Is Still Happening

Michelle Yeoh’s Star Trek Spinoff Series Is Still Happening

Michelle Yeoh’s Star Trek spinoff series is still very much on the table, according to Star Trek: Discovery co-creator Alex Kurtzman. This comes after the actor has gone down in history as the first Asian actress to have won the 2023 Academy Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role from the 2022 multiversal film Everything Everywhere All at Once.

Michelle Yeoh first appeared in Star Trek: Discovery as Captain Philippa Georgiou. In the episode titled Choose Your Pain, a screen indicates that Georgiou is listed among other decorated Captains of the Starfleet, including Robert April, Jonathan Archer, Matthew Decker and Christopher Pike.

As the prime character, Philippa Georgiou perished early on in the first season of the series. However, Yeoh appeared once more as the series featured a Mirror Universe. There, Philippa Georgiou was very much alive and quite powerful. She was Emperor Philippa Georgiou and continued on in the series until season 3 in 2020.

Michelle Yeoh May Return For Star Trek Spinoff

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In an interview with SFX Magazine via CBR, Kurtzman is very much excited about Michelle Yeoh’s developing Star Trek spinoff series titled Section 31. He began trying to avoid specific details about Kate Mulgrew’s Admiral Kathryn Janeway and said:

…we have plans for new things. I’m not speaking specifically about anything. But yes, there’s quite a few plans, and you’ll hear about them soon. We will continue to expand the Star Trek universe, absolutely.

However, when he was asked whether the expansion included Section 31, he replied:

I can tell you that we’re still very excited about Section 31. And that’s all I will say.

Due to the fate that Michelle Yeoh’s character came upon in the episode Terra Firma, Philippa Georgiou of the mirror universe passed the test of the Guardian of Forever. The episode ended with her character entering a time when the prime and mirror universes were still aligned.

Michelle Yeoh’s Mirror Georgiou Might Be Back For Star Trek Spinoff

Michelle Yeoh’s Star Trek Spinoff Series Is Still Happening

Credit: Paramount

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Back in January 2019, Michelle Yeoh was reported to have the possibility of returning to her role for a spin-off series focusing on Section 31. Basically, the series covers a darker side of Starfleet. In the novels, Section 31 began its operations around the same time as Starfleet came into existence.

However, it would seem that Section 31 is a department that takes on a more aggressive stand and solution to a certain problem that Starfleet does not agree with. Somehow, Section 31 grew into a separate organization in itself outside the control of Starfleet.

As Paramount Plus is gearing towards its last leg of stories for the third season of Picard and the fifth season of Discovery, it seems that the shows in development would indeed have Yeoh as part of the cast.

There are also reports stating that other than Yeoh’s Section 31 spinoff, there will also be a series featuring Starfleet Academy. While there is no specific confirmation or details yet available, Kurtzman has already stated that news will be arriving very soon.

Meanwhile, Strange New Worlds Season 2 is coming soon with a green light for Season 3. The animated shows Lower Decks Season 4 and Prodigy Season 2 are also to arrive this year.

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