Marvel Wants To Bring X23 Into The MCU Very Soon

Logan is hands down one of the very best comic book movies ever made. It’s incredible, and it was the perfect way to end Hugh Jackman’s time playing Wolverine. It also introduced audiences to X23 (a.k.a Laure Kinney) and we’re now hearing rumblings that Marvel Studios wants to bring the character to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

In the movie, the character was played to great effect by young Dafne Keen, and she was perfect in the role. She perfectly embodied the character who’s always full of rage. It’s no wonder she is. She is Logan’s clone after all.

According to We Got This Covered’s sources (make of that what you will), Marvel Studios is looking for a way to bring X-23 into the MCU.

This won’t happen until they’ve sorted out how to bring the rebooted X-Men in the MCU, but they seem very keen on getting Laura Kinney involved the movies as soon as possible.

Is Dafne Keen coming to the MCU as X23?

Laura Kinney as X23 in Logan

Dafney Keen as X23 in Logan (Credit: Fox)

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Yet, it’s not clear whether Marvel Studios would want Dafne Keen to return as X23 in these upcoming MCU movies. Personally, I think they should hire her as soon as possible because she’s brilliant.

It also sounds as if the studio has big ideas for Wolverine. There were reports that Marvel was trying to convince Hugh Jackman to come back to the role after Disney had acquired the rights to the X-Men movie franchise.

However, it’s looking very unlikely that the Australian actor will come back now. He’s made it very clear that Logan was his last time playing Wolverine.

Perhaps Marvel thinks they can do something with X23 and just have her as their new Wolverine, which would make sense.

However, fans and media outlets will always put out names of actors who could take Jackman’s place as Wolverine.

Personally, there’s only one man who could have done the job effectively, and that was Tom Hardy. Yet, he’s now busy doing the Venom movies and it would be confusing to have him play both Wolverine and Venom in the Marvel movies.

What do you think? Would you like to see X23 in the MCU? Let us know in the comments below.

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