Marvel Is Considering Replacing Jeremy Renner As Hawkeye In The MCU

This would be really sad news if it turns out to be true, but there are reports that Marvel Studios and Disney are looking to replace Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye.

Many fans of Renner’s will be asking themselves why this might be the case, and it all has to do with some rather disturbing allegations made against him by his ex-wife.

These allegations, if true, could be hugely damaging for the actor who’s been playing Hawkeye since the first Thor movie.

Jeremy Renner’s days as Hawkeye could be numbered

jeremy renner hawkeye mcu marvel disney

jeremy renner hawkeye mcu marvel disney

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Renner’s ex-wife, Sonny Pacheco, claims that Renner made threats against her life and also alleged drug use on the actor’s behalf.

These allegations have come out following a very heated custody battle between Renner and Pacheco for their daughter, Ava.

Renner has since issued a statement in response, stating his primary focus has always been on his daughter.

However, these allegations could be threatening his time as Hawkeye since it’s being reported (via MCU Direct on Twitter) that Marvel Studios and Disney are considering replacing him as Hawkeye.

Is Marvel Studios looking for a new Hawkeye?

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This would mean that the Hawkeye series on Disney + might have to be delayed a bit in order to give them time to find a new Hawkeye.

It would also cause problems as far as the MCU is concerned because Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye is still an important part of the Avengers team moving forward.

That said, they have replaced actors in the past in the MCU. Namely Edward Norton as the Hulk (who was replaced by Mark Ruffalo), and Terrance Howard as James Rhodes (who was replaced by Don Cheadle).

It’s unsure as of writing what will happen to Jeremy Renner and his future as Hawkeye, but we’ll keep you informed with any further developments as they occur.

Small Screen has contacted representatives at Marvel Studios and Disney to comment on these allegations.

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