Mark Hamill Reacts To Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker

It’s not every day that we get to see a new actor take on the role of the Joker on the big screen, yet last week audiences were introduced to Joaquin Phoenix’s version of the iconic villain in Joker.

The last actor to play the role was, of course, Jared Leto, and that particular performance is better off forgotten in my book. However, I think I’m right in saying that most people who’ve seen Joker are in agreement that Phoenix’s take on the character is rather special.

It’s a very different Joker to that of Leto, Heath Ledger, Jack Nicholson and even Mark Hamill. It’s a bit more grounded in reality than many of those other versions of the character.

Arthur Fleck – which is the name Phoenix’s version before he opted for Joker – struggles with mental illness and a crippling disability where he starts laughing during stressful situations.

Well, Hamill’s obviously seen Todd Philipps’ Joker since he tweeted about it recently and praised Phoenix’s performance.

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Hamill has a long history with the character himself, having voiced the Joker numerous times in the animated series, some of the animated movies and the recent video games.

Many people feel that Hamill is The Joker, yet the actor took the time to praise Phoenix’s version of the character. Interestingly enough, this wasn’t something he did after watching Leto in Suicide Squad.

The #JokerMovie opens today. The awesome Joaquin Phoenix, Todd Phillips & Scott Silver brilliantly reimagine the character as never seen before! 2 thumbs up from that old-school, comic book version… me,” wrote Hamill.

The release of Joker has been somewhat controversial since many people believe it could end up inciting violence and riots due to the film’s subject matter.

Joker movie review joaquin phoenix dc comics

Joaquin Phoenix plays Arthur Fleck in Joker (Credit: Warner Bros.)

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There was also the fact that there was a shooting in a cinema when The Dark Knight Rises was released in cinemas, and people feel that history could end up repeating itself.

However, those worries shouldn’t take anything away from Phoenix’s performance, which I believe is – as I said in my review of Joker – Oscar-worthy.

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