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Lupin Creator Teases What’s To Come In Season 4 & Beyond


In the enigmatic world of Lupin, secrets and surprises lurk around every corner. The thrilling French series, which has captivated Netflix audiences worldwide, recently unveiled its third season, leaving viewers on a cliffhanger that promises more adventures and mysteries for gentleman thief Assane Diop, portrayed by the charismatic Omar Sy. With the dust barely settled on the latest instalment, creator George Kay teases what might be in store for fans in the anticipated Season 4 and beyond.

The enthralling narrative of Lupin has always been shrouded in mystery and unexpected twists, with Assane’s quest for justice against the corrupt Pellegrini family taking centre stage. The unexpected and “haunting” ending of Season 3 has left fans speculating and yearning for more, with many questions left unanswered and new enigmas arising from the shadows.

A Ghost from the Past


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The Return of Hubert Pellegrini

In an exclusive interview with, George Kay delves into the suspenseful ending of Lupin Part 3, where Assane is confronted with a ghost from his past. The season concludes with Assane receiving a mysterious envelope from a neighbouring prison cell, containing a photograph that signals the return of his arch-enemy, Hubert Pellegrini. This revelation not only stirs the pot for future narratives but also rekindles the intense rivalry that has been a pivotal element throughout the series.

Kay remains somewhat tight-lipped about the specifics but assures that “nothing happens by accident in Lupin.” He hints that Pellegrini’s return is not a mere coincidence and that the nefarious businessman could have been orchestrating events from behind the scenes throughout Part 3. The creator emphasises, “I definitely think Pellegrini is going to come back into our show… For me, there’s no question that Pellegrini is behind something there.”

Unveiling the Secrets


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The Enigma Behind the Scenes

Kay’s revelations hint at a deeper, more intricate plot that has been weaving its way through the Lupin narrative. The creator acknowledges the open-ended nature of the Season 3 finale, stating, “It’s a very open ending, and it’s obviously left with lots to explore and lots of questions about who was behind what and how did this all happen.” This intentional ambiguity is not only a tantalising hook for the audience but also a narrative device that allows the creators to explore various pathways in future instalments.

The creator assures that while the audience is left in suspense, the Lupin team has a clear vision of the path ahead. “We definitely know what’s going on,” Kay asserts, indicating that the unexpected twists and turns are part of a well-thought-out narrative strategy. He adds, “We’ve got very strong instincts around what’s really true. It’s a bit irresponsible to pop those [big moments] in unless you’ve got a good plan.”

The Future of Lupin


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Anticipating Part 4 and Beyond

While Netflix has yet to confirm the return of Lupin for Part 4, the breadcrumbs left by the creators suggest that Assane Diop’s story is far from over. The potential involvement of Pellegrini in future plots and the unresolved mysteries surrounding Assane’s adventures provide a fertile ground for further exploration in the Lupin universe.

Kay hints at the complexity and depth of the narrative that the team has in mind, ensuring that the series maintains its thrilling and unexpected nature. He emphasises the importance of having a clear narrative strategy, stating, “The thing about writing Lupin is you want to box yourself right into a corner, but you’ve got to have the escape route, otherwise it’s completely haywire.”

Final Thoughts on Lupin Season 4 and beyond


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Lupin has consistently delivered a blend of mystery, action, and emotional depth that has resonated with audiences globally. The series, with its charismatic lead and compelling storytelling, has not only become a jewel in Netflix’s crown but also a testament to the universal appeal of a well-crafted narrative.

As fans eagerly await official confirmation of Season 4, the teases from George Kay ensure that the anticipation and speculation within the Lupin fandom will continue to brew. The mysteries left unsolved and the shadows lurking in Assane’s path promise that, should Lupin return, viewers will be in for another exhilarating ride through the streets of Paris, unravelling mysteries, and confronting ghosts from the past.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to watching Lupin Season 4 and even more seasons beyond that on Netflix?

You can stream Lupin Parts 1 to 3 on Netflix right now.