Could Lucifer Season 6 Introduce Constantine To The Netflix Show For One Last Battle?

There are rumours that Lucifer Season 6 could feature John Constantine who might have to help out in a huge last battle which will end the show.

A few weeks back, we thought that Lucifer Season 5 was going to be the end of the show.

However, there’s news now that Netflix and Warner Bros. Television might be talking about a Season 6.

This means that fans are starting to think about what could happen in Lucifer Season 6 if it gets the go-ahead.

This has lead to some rather rampant speculation online, and yet one fan theory caught my eye.

After reading what this Lucifer fan had to say, I thought: “Yes, that’s a brilliant idea and they have to do it!”.

The fan in question, fastballmachinebroke on Reddit (via The Express Online), recently suggested season six could bring John Constantine into the fold.

Lucifer Season 6 could feature John Constantine

Matt Ryan as John Constantine in Legends of Tomorrow Reboot

Matt Ryan as John Constantine in Legends of Tomorrow – Credit: The CW

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They wrote: “Season 6 would be the perfect opportunity to use Constantine, assuming they have any rights to use the character.”

Constantine recently shared some screen time with Lucifer in the Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover event.

It was an unexpected cameo on Lucifer’s behalf, but it means that audiences now know that Lucifer and Constantine have history.

It feels like it would be a missed opportunity if they decide not to include him in what would be the final season of Lucifer.

What do you make of this story?

Would you like to see Constantine in Lucifer Season 6?

Let us know in the comments below.

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