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Lockwood & Co Was A Huge Hit On Netflix UK – Why Was It Cancelled?


In a surprising turn of events, Lockwood & Co, despite being the fourth most-watched UK original on Netflix in the first half of 2023, faced an untimely cancellation. This decision by Netflix has left fans and industry insiders puzzled, considering the show’s significant viewership and positive reception. The supernatural thriller, which followed a trio of teenage ghostbusters, had quickly garnered a dedicated fan base, making its cancellation all the more bewildering.

Joe Cornish, the showrunner of Lockwood & Co, expressed a mix of pride and disappointment upon learning about the show’s ranking. “It’s hard to see what more we could have delivered,” admitted Cornish after it was revealed that the series wouldn’t be getting a second season.

The series, which debuted and was cancelled within the same year, had achieved a remarkable feat in viewership, yet failed to secure a renewal for a second season. This scenario raises questions about the metrics and decision-making processes behind Netflix’s continuation or discontinuation of its original series.

The Success of Lockwood & Co. on Netflix


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Viewership and Rankings

Netflix recently unveiled a comprehensive dataset detailing their customers’ viewing habits. The extensive spreadsheet, comprising 18,220 rows, reveals a clear trend: a significant portion of our time has been devoted to watching Netflix. This revelation aligns perfectly with the vision of co-CEO Ted Sarandos, emphasizing the platform’s widespread engagement and popularity.

Buried in this data was the revelation that Lockwood & Co achieved an impressive 113 million hours watched, translating to nearly 20 million accounts viewing the entire series. Ranking fourth in the most-watched UK originals chart, the series stood out not just on Netflix but across all platforms in the UK for the first half of 2023. Its success was not limited to viewership numbers alone; the series also received generally positive reviews from critics and had a visibly dedicated fanbase online.

International Popularity

In its second week of release, Lockwood & Co was the most-watched show on Netflix in 13 countries, including the UK, and ranked in the top ten in 61 other countries. The international appeal of the show was undeniable, yet this global popularity did not translate into a renewal decision by Netflix.

The Netflix Conundrum


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Netflix’s Business Decisions

“Success on Netflix comes in all shapes and sizes, and is not determined by hours viewed alone,” Netflix admitted in a recent statement. So, it seems as though Netflix’s decision to cancel Lockwood & Co highlights the streaming giant’s often ruthless and occasionally bizarre business strategies.

Despite having almost 250 million subscribers worldwide, the platform’s criteria for success extend beyond mere viewership numbers. Netflix has stated that success on their platform is not determined by hours viewed alone, but rather by whether a movie or TV show thrilled its audience relative to the economics of the title.

The Challenge of Sustained Interest

For Netflix, sustaining viewer interest over an extended period is crucial. Lockwood & Co saw a significant drop in viewership three weeks after its release, which may have contributed to its cancellation. The platform seems to prioritize shows that can maintain long-term buzz and justify their production costs, especially for effects-heavy series like Lockwood & Co.

The Streaming Era and Viewer Sentiments


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The Impact on Viewers

The cancellation of Lockwood & Co has sparked discussions among viewers about the transient nature of streaming content. Many express frustration over investing time in shows that don’t conclude satisfactorily, leading to a cautious approach where viewers wait for a series to be fully released and confirmed for continuation before committing to watch.

The Future of Streaming Content

This trend raises questions about the future of streaming content and how success is measured in the digital age. With social media and public relations seemingly playing a more significant role than the content itself, there is a growing concern about the prioritization of short-term buzz over quality storytelling.

Final Thoughts on Netflix Cancelling Lockwood & Co


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The unexpected cancellation of Lockwood & Co by Netflix, despite its remarkable success in the UK, serves as a poignant example of the complexities and shifting paradigms in the streaming industry. This decision, which left both fans and critics perplexed, highlights a deeper narrative about the evolving criteria for success in the digital entertainment landscape.

Reflecting on Viewer Engagement and Metrics

Netflix’s decision to cancel Lockwood & Co underscores a critical shift in how viewer engagement and success are measured in the streaming era. Traditionally, viewership numbers were the gold standard for measuring a show’s success.

However, in the case of Lockwood & Co, despite high viewership, the series did not meet Netflix’s criteria for sustained engagement and economic viability. This shift indicates that streaming services are increasingly prioritizing content that not only attracts viewers but also retains them over longer periods, thereby ensuring continuous engagement on their platforms.

The Economic Realities of Streaming Services

The cancellation also reflects the economic realities faced by streaming services. Producing a series, especially one with high production values like Lockwood & Co, involves significant investment. Streaming services must weigh the cost of production against potential long-term gains in subscriber growth and retention. In this context, even a popular show can be deemed economically unviable if it does not contribute to the platform’s broader strategic goals.

The Role of Audience Feedback and Social Media

The role of audience feedback and social media in influencing the fate of television shows has become increasingly prominent. In the case of Lockwood & Co, the show developed a dedicated fan base, and its cancellation led to vocal expressions of disappointment and confusion online. This scenario raises questions about how streaming services incorporate audience feedback into their renewal decisions and the extent to which fan engagement can sway these decisions.

Implications for Future Streaming Content


Credit: Netflix

The case of Lockwood & Co has broader implications for the future of streaming content. As platforms continue to evolve their strategies for content renewal, creators and viewers alike may find themselves adapting to a landscape where traditional success metrics no longer guarantee a show’s longevity. This could lead to changes in how stories are told, with a possible shift towards self-contained narratives or shorter series to mitigate the risks associated with cancellation.

A Call for Transparency in Decision-Making

Finally, the cancellation of Lockwood & Co highlights the need for greater transparency in the decision-making processes of streaming services. As viewers invest time and emotional energy in these shows, understanding the rationale behind such decisions could foster a better relationship between streaming platforms and their audiences. It could also provide valuable insights for creators and producers in crafting content that aligns with the evolving preferences and expectations of the digital audience.

In conclusion, the cancellation of Lockwood & Co is emblematic of a changing entertainment landscape, where the rules of success are being rewritten. It serves as a case study in the complexities of content management in the streaming era, reflecting the delicate balance between creative expression, audience engagement, and economic considerations. As the industry continues to evolve, it will be interesting to observe how these dynamics shape the future of digital storytelling.

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