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Kit Harington’s Future As Black Knight In The MCU Is Very Uncertain


Kit Harington, known for his portrayal of Jon Snow in Game of Thrones, finds his future as the Black Knight in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) shrouded in uncertainty.

Despite a tantalizing introduction to his character, Dane Whitman, in the post-credits of Eternals, the actor revealed in a recent interview that there are currently no confirmed plans for his character’s return to the MCU.

Harington’s MCU Debut and the Lack of Clarity


Credit: Marvel Studios

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Harington made his MCU debut as history professor Dane Whitman in 2021’s Eternals.

His character is linked to the mystical Ebony Blade and the legacy of the Black Knight, a role steeped in Marvel lore.

Despite this promising setup, Harington shared that he remains in the dark about his character’s future.

During an interview with ScreenRant, while promoting his upcoming movie Blood for Dust, Harington expressed his hopes for the character but confirmed that nothing is currently in development.

Here’s what he had to say on the matter:

I hope that they do something with that character.

I think that character is fascinating and brilliant. And I love his trajectory in the comics.

I love the idea of a good guy being turned bad by his superpower.

I think that’s brilliant.

I’m not sure whether we’ve had a protagonist that’s like that, so I think it’s a really strong idea.

I’d love them to [revisit him].

Harington continued:

I don’t know, though.

The honest answer is nothing’s in the works at the moment.

If they decide to use the character in something, or as a solo thing, I’d be very excited by it.

But I don’t think it’s planned at the moment.

The Ebony Blade and its Legacy

In Eternals, a post-credits scene teases Whitman’s potential transformation into the Black Knight.

He hesitates before touching the Ebony Blade, a weapon cursed with a thirst for violence and blood, which has been passed down through his family.

This moment was ripe with promise, suggesting an intriguing narrative arc that could explore the darker aspects of heroism in the MCU.

Implications of Uncertainty for Black Knight


Credit: Marvel Studios

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The uncertainty surrounding Black Knight’s return has left fans speculating about the direction Marvel Studios intends to take with this character.

Harington’s portrayal of the Black Knight has potential for significant development, especially considering the complex nature of Dane Whitman’s legacy and the curse of the Ebony Blade.

Fan Reactions and Expectations

Marvel fans have expressed both excitement at the prospect of seeing more of Harington’s character and frustration over the lack of clear plans.

Many hope to see Black Knight explored in a standalone project or as part of an ensemble in future MCU films, potentially delving into themes of corruption, redemption, and the battle between personal demons and heroism.

Final Thoughts on Kit Harington’s MCU Future


Credit: Marvel Studios

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Kit Harington’s future as Black Knight in the MCU encapsulates the often unpredictable nature of comic book adaptations in cinema.

While his debut in Eternals set the stage for a compelling narrative, the absence of confirmed plans highlights the challenges and uncertainties actors face within such expansive franchises.

The Potential of Black Knight in the MCU

If Marvel chooses to develop Black Knight’s storyline, they have a rich narrative vein to mine.

The character could serve as a bridge between the mystical and earthly elements of the MCU, offering a fresh perspective on the superhero narrative with a character who grapples with a legacy of darkness and the potential for personal downfall.

A Waiting Game

For now, fans and Harington alike must wait and see what Marvel Studios decides.

The actor’s readiness to return to the role, combined with the character’s intriguing setup, could potentially lead to a unique and darkly compelling addition to the MCU, should the studio decide to forge ahead with the Black Knight’s story.

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You can watch Kit Harington as Dane Whitman in Eternals on Disney Plus right now.