A Kick-Ass Reboot Might Be In The Works At Netflix

There are currently rumours floating around the Internet that Netflix is planning a Kick-Ass movie reboot which they can do since they have the rights.

This rumour has come from We Got This Covered’s sources, so make of that what you will.

However, they claim that Netflix is looking to reboot the Kick-Ass movie franchise.

The reason why this rumour is plausible is because Netflix does now have the movie rights to most of Mark Millar’s comic book properties.

Millar wrote the Kick-Ass comics and then made the movies with Universal Pictures.

He’s also recently revamped the comic books.

Back in 2018, creator Mark Millar relaunched his comic book series with a new character taking on the Kick-Ass mantle – Patience Lee.

We might be getting a Kick-Ass reboot on Netflix

Kick Ass Movie Reboot Netflix

We might be getting a Kick-Ass reboot on Netflix – Credit: Universal Pictures

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Lee is an African-American single mom and Afghanistan war vet.

Meanwhile, also in 2018, Matthew Vaughn – who directed the first Kick-Ass movie – revealed that he and Millar were working on a new film.

During this interview, he heavily implied that this movie would follow Patience and not Dave Lizewski.

Lizewski was played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the first tow movies.

This all means that if the new reboot was on the cards at Netflix, it could end up being even more bombastic and violent than the older movies.

What do you make of this news?

Are you looking forward to the possibility of getting a Kick-Ass reboot on Netflix?

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