Guillermo Del Toro’s Cancelled Justice League Dark Script Has Leaked

The script for the cancelled Guillermo Del Toro Justice League Dark movie has leaked and it is apparently incredible.

This script for the cancelled Justice League Dark movie was leaked by Muphy’s Multiverse.

Now, it could be a load of made-up nonsense, but somehow it doesn’t feel like it.

According to this leak, Del Toro’s Justice League Dark movie would have been a straight horror movie.

It would have followed John Constantine as he left the Shadowpact team in order to form his own group with Zatanna, Etrigan the Demon, Deadman and Swamp Thing.

The since Oscar-winning director’s movie would have seen the Floronic Man and Klarion the Witch Boy hunt the books of life and death in order to resurrect a dangerous creature known as Gugalanna.

This cancelled Justice League Dark movie would have been epic

Constantine Justice League Dark: Apokolips War is coming to digital

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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The film, according to this leaked script, would have also featured fan-favourite DC Comics characters such as Doctor Fate, Detective Chimp, Shade and Animal Man at the Oblivion Bar, which exists in its own pocket dimension.

This script’s ending sounds like it would have been pretty dark epic.

Apparently, Guillermo Del Toro Justice League Dark would have ended with Constantine taking the brave decision to sacrifice himself in order to save the world.

However, he would have ended up surviving using supernatural methods.

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