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Josh Brolin Teases Cable’s Return In Deadpool 3


In a recent turn of events that has sent ripples through the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Josh Brolin, known for his iconic portrayal of Cable in Deadpool 2, has given fans a glimmer of hope about his character’s return in the much-anticipated Deadpool 3, (a.k.a. Deadpool & Wolverine). During an engaging interview with Collider’s Steve Weintraub, Brolin’s comments have left fans both intrigued and amused, as he navigated questions about his potential involvement with his signature blend of cryptic charm and wit.

The conversation, which took place amidst growing anticipation for Deadpool & Wolverine, saw Brolin responding to queries about Cable’s absence from the trailer with a playful, “No. I don’t know. Because Ryan [Reynolds] doesn’t like me? I don’t know.” This jest was quickly followed by a pause, a direct look into the camera, and a teasing “Maybe.” This exchange has sparked widespread speculation and excitement about Cable’s potential role in the upcoming movie, reported by CoveredGeekly on February 23, 2024.

The Enigmatic Josh Brolin


Credit: 20th Century Fox

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From Thanos to Cable

Josh Brolin holds the unique distinction of having portrayed significant characters in both the MCU and Fox’s X-Men universe. Besides his memorable role as Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, Brolin’s portrayal of Cable in Deadpool 2 was met with critical acclaim, adding depth and gravitas to the time-travelling mutant soldier.

A Cryptic Confirmation?

Brolin’s playful ambiguity in the interview has fans eagerly parsing his words for clues. His ability to keep the audience guessing while maintaining an air of mystery exemplifies why he is a fan favourite. With Deadpool & Wolverine poised to bridge elements of the X-Men universe into the MCU, Brolin’s potential return as Cable could offer exciting narrative possibilities.

The Anticipated Return Of Cable in Deadpool 3


Credit: 20th Century Fox

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Deadpool & Wolverine: A New Chapter

Deadpool & Wolverine represents one of Marvel’s first forays into integrating X-Men characters into the MCU, following Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox. The film presents an opportunity to explore crossover storylines and interactions that were previously off-limits, potentially including the return of Cable.

Confirmed Appearances and Speculation

While Brolin’s return as Cable remains a tantalizing question mark, the movie has already confirmed the return of several characters from the X-Men franchise. Among them, Aaron Stanford reprises his role as Pyro, and Jennifer Garner returns as Elektra, marking her first portrayal of the character in 19 years.

Final Thoughts on Cable in Deadpool 3


Credit: 20th Century Fox

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Josh Brolin’s recent comments have undoubtedly fueled the fires of speculation and excitement surrounding Deadpool 3. His cryptic yet playful hints have left fans eagerly awaiting official confirmation of Cable’s return. As Deadpool & Wolverine prepares to weave the rich tapestry of X-Men characters into the MCU, the potential involvement of Cable could add a compelling layer to this cinematic endeavour.

The anticipation for Deadpool & Wolverine, set for release on July 26, 2024, continues to build. As fans dissect every piece of information and rumour, the prospect of seeing Cable once again team up with Deadpool offers an irresistible draw. Stay tuned for more updates, and remember, in the world of Deadpool, anything is possible.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to watching Deadpool And Wolverine? Do you think that Josh Brolin’s Cable will be in the film? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

Deadpool & Wolverine is slated to release in theatres on July 26, 2024.