Here’s How Jonathan Majors Could Look As Kang The Conqueror In Ant-Man 3

BossLogic has revealed how Jonathan Majors could end up looking as Kang The Conqueror in the MCU’s Ant-Man 3.

It was recently revealed that Lovecraft Country’s Jonathan Major would be playing the epic Marvel villain in the next Ant-Man movie.

This was a bit of a surprise since Kang is a pretty big deal in the comics.

The Ant-Man movies up to this point have been a bit smaller scale than the other Marvel movie.

However, this news suggests that the stakes will be a lot bigger in the next Ant-Man movie.

Anyway, fan artist BossLogic has now revealed via Instagram how he thinks Jonathan Majors will look as Kang The Conqueror in Ant-Man 3.

This is how Kang The Conqueror could look in Ant-Man 3

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I love this look, but I do wonder whether it’s a bit too comic book accurate.

I wonder whether they’ll make Kang much more low key in Ant-Man 3.

There have been suggestions that Kang will end up befriending Hank Pym before revealing himself to be a time-travelling villain.

I really like this idea and then he could end up opening up the MCU to Apocalypse.

In the comics, Kang is directly linked to Apocalypse, who’s also the first mutant.

They could also end up finding a really interesting way to introduce a new bunch of epic Marvel villains into the MCU.

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