Joker’s Script Is Now Available To Read Online

Todd Phillips’ Joker movie has become the very first R-rated movie to reach $1 billion at the worldwide box office, which is mad, and you can now read his Joker script.

The film has been a huge success, both with critics and at the box office. People just cannot get enough of Joker, and they love Joaquin Phoenix’s version of the character.

When it was revealed that Phillips would be writing and directing the Joker movie, there were many sceptics – myself included – yet he really showed us that he’s so much more than just the guy who made those Hangover movies.

Joker’s script was a pretty deep character study and it raised very important questions about today’s society and how it treats the mentally ill.

Personally, I think the movie and its script are great, and I’d love nothing more than to read what Todd Phillips and Scott Silver put in the film’s script, and now I can since it’s been made available online.

You can read there script right here for yourselves and see what Phillips managed to get from paper to the big screen.

The Joker script is now available to read for free online


Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck in JOKER (Credit: Warner Bros.)

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It’s rather interesting since the very first page calls the movie: “Joker, an origin story,” which is interesting in itself because the end of the movie had me questioning whether it all actually took place or was just a figment of Arthur Fleck’s imagination.

There was also a rather interesting statement made at the beginning of the script which read as follows:

This story takes place in its own universe. It has no connection to any of the DC films that have come before it. We see it as a classic Warner Bros. movie. Gritty, intimate and oddly funny, the characters live in the real world and the stakes are personal. Although it is never mentioned in the film, this story takes place in the past. Let’s call it 1981. It’s a troubled time. The crime rate in Gotham is at record highs. A garbage strike has crippled the city for the past six weeks. And the divide between the “haves” and the “have-nots” is palpable. Dreams are beyond reach, slipping into delusions. TP/SS

Joker is not part of the DCEU say Phillips and Silver

Joker Joaquin Phoenix DC Comics

Joaquin Phoenix as Joker in DC Comics’ Joker movie (Credit: Warner Bros.)

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This is really interesting since it’s Phillips and Silver making it very clear that Joker is not connected in any way to the larger DCEU, which is made pretty clear in the movie, but it’s always good to have it in writing.

Have a read of the Joker script and let us know what you thought of it in the comments below. They could be a lot of “Arthur dances” moments in the script since he does a lot of that in the movie.

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