John Wick: Chapter 4 Is Already A Box Office Triumph


John Wick: Chapter 4 can rightfully celebrate its box office triumph as it ended up doing incredibly well this past weekend. They ended up selling a lot of tickets! We have reported that the movie was in pretty good shape coming in strong for its first weekend. And Keanu Reeves’ well-dressed-beat-up-yet-still-fighting assassin just keeps strengthening his punches.

Thanks to the fourth instalment of the Lionsgate franchise, things might just be looking a bit green for its next chapter. However, the ball will still be at the court of director Chad Stahelski, star Reeves, 87Eleven Entertainment, Lionsgate, Summit Entertainment and Thunder Road Pictures.

The movie already has a strong leg start at the box office compared to its predecessors. With its production budget, there can only be three times its budget as a possible break-even target. But that will just be our estimate. Nevertheless, it is safe to say that John Wick: Chapter 4 will likely surpass that mark. The question now is: will they proceed with Chapter 5?

John Wick: Chapter 4 Box Office Matches Top Rating

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IndieWire notes that John Wick: Chapter 4 has the best weekend launch ever for the franchise. The data doesn’t lie, and we don’t need a medallion to prove or guarantee it.

John Wick premiered in October 2014, and it ended up making $14.4M in its opening weekend, with a total worldwide box office of $76M. Data reveals the movie recorded sales until January 2015.

John Wick: Chapter Two premiered in February 2017, and it ended up raking in $30.4M in its opening weekend, and a total worldwide box office of $171.3M. An absolute win for the franchise as the movie had $40M in its production budget. Data reflected the movie’s performance all the way up to April of that same year.

Then John Wick: Chapter 3 opened in May 2019. And with the same production budget as the second movie, it immediately got it back over its first weekend with a record of $56.8M domestic box office and then a worldwide box office of $327.2M. The movie box office data reflects sales only up to September. By that time, it was almost twice the total for the second movie’s overall performance.

Meanwhile, John Wick: Chapter 4 officially opened on March 24th, and it already has a domestic intake of $73.8M and an estimated worldwide box office of $137.5M. Even with a considerably heftier production budget, the movie still managed to recover it all and some with only its first global weekend.

In every aspect of the franchise, it seems that the movies has performed better than the previous ones. From critics’ reception, budget, box office and even its run time. The fourth instalment of the franchise clocks in 2 hours and 49 minutes, while the first to third instalments log 1 hour and 36 minutes, 2 hours and 2 minutes, and 2 hours and 11 minutes, respectively.

John Wick also seems to broaden his covered location after every movie. Definitely, the fourth movie has more locations featured and more characters introduced. Some add to the body count Wick has already restarted counting since Daisy’s last breath. We still can’t forget that.

John Wick: Chapter 4 Top Box Office Performer

John Wick Chapter 4 Is Already A Box Office Triumph

Credit: Summit Entertainment

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Joining Reeves, the titular John Wick, are returning cast composed of Laurence Fishburne as the Bowery King, George Georgiou as The Elder, Ian McShane as Winston, and Bill Skarsgård as Marquis. The late Lance Reddick still portrays the loyal Charon of The Continental. Many highly reputable actors are also among the cast, such as Clancy Brown, Marko Zaror and Donnie Yen, to name a few.

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What do you think of John Wick: Chapter 4’s box office performance? Do you think John Wick: Chapter 5 is in the bag because of the rating and ticket sales? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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