John Carpenter Brings Back 80s Horror in his New Christine Music Video

John Carpenter is synonymous with 80s horror and after a seven year absence, the iconic filmmaker is back with this Christine-themed music video promoting his upcoming compilation Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998.

He’s known as the Horror Master, and for good reason. John Carpenter basically invented the slasher sub-genre of horror with his 1978 film, Halloween.

Before Michael Myers burst onto the scene no one had witnessed a movie in which an unhinged masked man slowly walked after scantily clad hysterical teenagers (mostly women) brandishing a weapon of some sort – a dagger in Myers’ case.

Slasher films are commonplace nowadays, yet Carpenter’s Halloween still remains the high-water mark. He also gave us iconic horror movies such as The Fog, The Thing and adapted Stephen King’s novel, Christine.

After a seven years absence from filmmaking Carpenter has returned, delivering a music video featuring Stephen King’s possessed 1958 Plymouth Fury, Christine, driving around an unnamed city at night and terrorising a poor young girl (of course). And no, it’s not a remake of Radiohead’s Karma Police music video which also featured Stephen King’s automotive monstrosity.

Her car has broken down and she is in need of a lift. Unfortunately for her, the first car that comes along is Christine, who proceeds to corner her in a dark alleyway – a traditional 80s horror trope.

But instead of running her down, the car door opens to reveal Carpenter himself, looking creepy and wearing a hat that brings to mind A Nightmare on Elm’s Street’s Freddy Krueger, and he beckons her in. Your first thought would naturally be ‘Don’t get in the car’, but the girl gets in regardless, and they drive off into the night together.  

Carpenter didn’t just direct, he also wrote the music for a lot of his films and created some of the most memorable movie scores. His scores for The Thing and Halloween come to mind, but Assault on Precinct 13 and Escape From New York’s soundtracks are also well worth a listen.

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