Jenna Ortega Talks Wednesday Season 2’s Horror Vibes


In a recent appearance on The Tonight Show, Jenna Ortega told Jimmy Fallon about what she thinks regarding her character’s arc for Wednesday Season 2. Ever since she first appeared as Wednesday Addams, wearing the signature white wide-collared black dress with Thing in the Netflix teaser last year, her popularity exponentially grew.

Suddenly, people are looking her up for her previous works and watching as well as re-watching some of her earlier projects. Being an actress who started her career at a very young age provides her early insights into how things work behind the camera. For every project, she has developed a method of studying her character.

Her capacity to internalise characters is shown by her admitting to changing things during production. The actress has admitted to not saying her lines based on the script because she felt it didn’t make sense for her character to say them. In certain interviews, she even mentions that the fact that Wednesday was in the middle of a love triangle during the first season did not make sense to her as well.

As more and more of these revelations appear, fans are now hoping that director Tim Burton allows Ortega to be inside the writers’ room for Wednesday Season 2. Fans think that the actress understands Wednesday more than how the writers pen her to be. If not, at least let her be a consultant for the script. On that note, fans would be happy to know that Ortega is indeed in the writers’ room for season 2!

Jenna Ortega Speaks Out About Wednesday Season 2

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Jenna Ortega spoke of her ideas about Wednesday in her guest appearance on The Tonight Show. Speaking to Fallon, she said

…we just started getting a writers’ room together and kind of talking about it. And everyone’s being really cool. I think we want to up the horror aspect a little bit, then get Wednesday out of the romantic situation and just let her be her own individual and fight her own crime.

Reiterating her opinion about the romance angle being uncharacteristically Wednesday, she seems to be happier that Wednesday Season 2 would be focusing on the horror aspects of the source material. It was also noteworthy that the actress appeared genuinely excited about the fact that she was in the writers’ room.

While there may be misconceptions about her disclosure of putting her foot down about Wednesday’s lines, this is a clear indication that director Tim Burton acknowledges her insight into the character. Some comments online have expressed Jenna Ortega is being painted as someone who “knows better”.

But as an actress who researched the character she was portraying, she can actually present significant contributions as to how the character could be written for Wednesday Season 2. Ortega has only been nothing but truthful in all her disclosures.

Jenna Ortega Has Ideas For Wednesday Season 2


Credit: Netflix

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Wednesday Season 2 is already shaping up to have more horror-mystery aspects to its story. While the eponymous character develops her psychic abilities, she sure has a set of puzzles to solve throughout the new school year at Nevermore Academy.

Cast and crew are expected to come back for the second season of the Netflix Original Series. Fans anticipate the reveal of who is Wednesday’s stalker, the new principal at the Academy and even a bigger mystery surrounding the town’s history as tied to the Addams Family.

Some are also expecting the appearance of other classic Addams Family characters from the original comic strip of Charles Samuel Addams. Could we finally meet Cousin Itt and Grandmama? And will there be more scenes with Uncle Fester?

Do you perceive Jenna Ortega’s insight into Wednesday Season 2 as a good omen? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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