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See Jenna Ortega And Michael Keaton In Beetlejuice 2 Set Videos


The long-awaited sequel to Tim Burton’s iconic Beetlejuice is finally materializing, with set videos emerging that showcase Jenna Ortega and Michael Keaton reprising their roles in Beetlejuice 2. The horror-comedy, which has been a subject of speculation and anticipation for years, is now in the spotlight with these exciting new glimpses.

Jenna Ortega as Astrid Deetz


Credit: Paramount Pictures

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A New Generation of Deetz

Jenna Ortega, known for her captivating performances in various TV shows and movies, steps into the world of Beetlejuice as Astrid Deetz, Lydia’s daughter. The character of Astrid is set to bring a fresh perspective to the quirky and eerie universe of Beetlejuice. Ortega’s portrayal is expected to add a new layer to the Deetz family dynamics, especially with her estrangement from her mother, Lydia, played by Winona Ryder.

Ortega’s Rising Star

Jenna Ortega’s casting in Beetlejuice 2 is a testament to her rising star in Hollywood. With her recent successes and critical acclaim, Ortega is poised to bring a unique charm and depth to the character of Astrid, making her a pivotal figure in the sequel.

Michael Keaton’s Return as Betelgeuse


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Keaton’s Enthusiasm for the Role

Michael Keaton’s return as the manic bio-exorcist Betelgeuse is one of the most anticipated aspects of Beetlejuice 2. Keaton’s enthusiasm for reprising his role is palpable, with him expressing the sheer fun and creativity involved in bringing Betelgeuse back to life.

The Legacy of Betelgeuse

Michael Keaton’s portrayal of Betelgeuse in the original Beetlejuice is iconic, and his return to the role is expected to recapture the chaotic, unpredictable nature of the character. Fans are eager to see how Keaton will evolve Betelgeuse in the sequel, maintaining the essence of the beloved character while introducing new elements.

The Supporting Cast and Plot


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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A Stellar Supporting Cast

Beetlejuice 2 boasts an impressive supporting cast, including Catherine O’Hara reprising her role as Delia Deetz. New additions like Monica Bellucci and Willem Dafoe add to the star power of the sequel, promising a rich and diverse ensemble.

Plot Speculations

While specific plot details of Beetlejuice 2 remain under wraps, the set videos and interviews hint at a story that intertwines the lives of the Deetz family with new and returning characters. The dynamic between Astrid and her mother Lydia, along with Betelgeuse’s antics, are central to the plot.

Final Thoughts on Beetlejuice 2


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Beetlejuice 2 is shaping up to be a worthy successor to the original, with Jenna Ortega and Michael Keaton leading a talented cast. The set videos have only heightened the excitement for this sequel, promising a blend of humor, horror, and heart that made the original a cult classic. As we await its release, the anticipation continues to build for what could be one of the most memorable cinematic experiences of recent times.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to watching Ortega and Keaton in this upcoming Beetlejuice sequel?

You’ll be able to watch Beetlejuice 2 when it’s released in cinemas on September 6th, 2024.