Jamie Foxx Is Still Going To Be Playing Spawn Despite Electro Role

It’s being reported that Jamie Foxx is still going to be playing Spawn in the Spawn movie despite getting the Electro role in Spider-Man 3.

I was revealed last night that Jamie Foxx had been cast to play the role of Electro in Spider-Man 3.

He has played the character before in The Amazon Spider-Man 2.

Honestly, I didn’t much care for his performance in that movie.

However, I would argue that his performance was down to poor writing and poor direction.

Some people might have been a bit worried to hear this news since Foxx was lined up to play Spawn in Todd McFarlane’s Spawn movie.

Thankfully, We Got This Covered’s sources have confirmed that Jamie Foxx is still attached to the movie.

Jamie Foxx is still going the be playing Spawn

jamie foxx spider man 3 electro marvel

Credit: Sony Pictures

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So, it sounds like Jamie Foxx is still very much committed to the Spawn movie.

He’s supposedly starring in the movie alongside Jeremy Renner.

That already is a pretty solid cast, yet McFarlane has been teasing more big names in his comic book movie.

With Spider-Man 3 set to hit cinemas in December 2021, this means that the Spawn movie might be pushed back a bit.

This would be in order to accommodate Jamie Foxx’s new commitment to the Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures Spidey movie.

What do you make of this news?

Were you worried that Jamie Foxx wouldn’t be in the Spawn movie any more after having got the Electro role in Spider-Man 3.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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