James Gunn Reveals His Thoughts On Netflix SnyderVerse Deal


James Gunn, the newly appointed head of DC Studios, has shared his thoughts on the possibility of Netflix taking over Zack Snyder’s SnyderVerse. This topic has been a subject of intense speculation among fans, especially following Zack Snyder’s recent comments about returning to the SnyderVerse if Netflix acquired the rights to the characters from his DC universe. Gunn, known for his candid and direct communication with fans, addressed this speculation head-on.

In a cinematic landscape where the SnyderVerse has remained a contentious and divisive topic, Gunn’s response sheds light on his vision for the future of DC Films. His comments come at a time when the DC Universe is undergoing significant changes, with Gunn unveiling new projects and directions for the iconic franchise.

James Gunn’s Response to SnyderVerse Speculation


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Gunn’s Take on the Netflix Deal

In response to a fan campaign urging the sale of the SnyderVerse to Netflix, James Gunn described the idea as one of the “wackiest” he had seen (via The Direct). He stated, “Netflix hasn’t expressed any such interest (although we’ve discussed other stuff) & 2) Zack hasn’t expressed any interest & seems to be happy doing what he’s doing (and, yes, we too have talked).”

Relationship with Zack Snyder

Gunn also mentioned that Zack Snyder had contacted him to express support for the new DCU plans. The two filmmakers have maintained a good relationship since working together on 2004’s Dawn of the Dead.

The Future of the SnyderVerse


Credit: Netflix

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Possibilities Beyond Film

While a Netflix takeover of the SnyderVerse seems unlikely, Gunn suggested that there could be other ways to conclude the SnyderVerse saga. He hinted at the possibility of exploring the “Knightmare” future in a DC comic book or concluding the story as a DC Universe Animated Original Movie.

Snyder’s Ongoing Projects

Gunn’s comments also highlight Snyder’s current focus on other projects, such as his sci-fi epic Rebel Moon, which is set to release soon. This suggests that Snyder’s involvement in the DC Universe may be limited for the foreseeable future.

Final Thoughts on the idea of Zack Snyder getting to continue the SnyderVerse at Netflix


Credit: Netflix

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James Gunn’s recent comments about the SnyderVerse and its potential future with Netflix highlight a pivotal moment in the evolution of the DC Universe. Gunn’s pragmatic approach to the idea of Netflix taking over the SnyderVerse, coupled with his focus on new projects, suggests a clear intention to steer the DC Films in a direction that diverges from Zack Snyder’s vision. This decision, while potentially disappointing to some fans of the SnyderVerse, opens the door to fresh storytelling possibilities and a reinvigoration of the DC film franchise.

Gunn’s emphasis on exploring alternative mediums, such as comics or animated films, to conclude the SnyderVerse narrative is a testament to his respect for the work that has been done while also acknowledging the need for change. This approach not only honors the legacy of what Snyder created but also allows for the exploration of new creative avenues. It’s a move that could satisfy long-time fans and simultaneously attract a new audience, eager for a different take on the beloved DC characters.

Furthermore, Gunn’s openness in discussing these matters with fans reflects a new era of transparency and engagement in the world of superhero filmmaking. His willingness to address fan campaigns and speculation head-on is indicative of a more collaborative and responsive relationship between filmmakers and their audiences. This could set a new standard for how major film franchises interact with their fanbases, potentially leading to more fan-influenced content in the future.

In conclusion, while the future of the SnyderVerse remains uncertain, James Gunn’s leadership at DC Films marks the beginning of a new chapter for the franchise. His vision for DC encompasses a blend of respect for the past and excitement for the future, promising a diverse and dynamic range of films and projects. As the DC Universe continues to evolve under Gunn’s guidance, fans can look forward to a new era of storytelling that honors the rich history of DC Comics while charting new, unexplored territories.

What do you make of this news? Do you think that Warner Bros. Discovery will ever sell the rights to the SnyderVerse to Netflix?

You’ll be able to stream Zack Snyder’s upcoming movie, Rebel Moon, on Netflix from the 21st of December.